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i want to use the photographs to cover up the last week. boxes and boxes of them are carted out. they have to be divided amongst the three of us siblings anyway, we may as well start now. the journey is red eyed, but tearless. we dont like to cry in front of each other, but i dont know why. vulnerability was a sin in mymothers childhood and i think a little of that was poured into our family recipe. there is so much laughter. look at that hair and that outfit. there is reverence. i can feel in my bones, my mother becoming an idol, a goddess.we hum and glow with our ministrations, our memories. we build, with words and solemnly passed photos, a moving altar. in piles, we divide our spoils. i thought that through photographs i might erase the version of herthat had become so familiar, the sick and absent version, the dead body version. i collected her youth and her motherhood and her marriages and her family. she was beautiful. she will always be beautiful. here in this photograph, in this place, she is eternal. i thought that the pictures would help, that some puzzle of my painwould be solved and i would feel free to leave grief for a little while. but in those photos, hundreds andhundreds, i found and settled in this large and strange place. i can always find her here in this world of still-frames and because i will always find her, i will always miss her, always grieve for her. so, as for leaving, there arentany flights and im not sure what time the ferries run.

a few different types of waveshapes are available, and many of them are unique for arturia. many of the presets contain heavily effected guitar tones as well as chimey sounds, which can vary between synth-y sounds and guitar-y effects.
the sound of the cz v is not as unique as its presets, though, and if you wish to enrich the sound with your own waveform, you can. there are a number of different modes to choose from, including the human-like data waveform.
from the keyboard
playing the cz v is like playing any soft synth

just-graduated postpartum massage practitioners are likely to overstate promises; that is, these individuals dont at this point actually fully grasp the limitations of their own scope of practice, and consequently they might possibly make remarks that are too general when talking in with clients. its the exact same occurrence; they have been brought in to a subject, dont know the total depth of the idea, and finally presume they are the advisors.
textdio is a free application designed to do some pre-processing and preparation of scanned document images. it extracts text (from the scanned document) in most of languages. a great range of advanced functions are provided to extract and save areas and paragraphs and background of the scanned image and include some standard languages, like greek, latin, cyrillic etc. for example, you can use textdio to extract text from damaged documents with the help of
during the week she says precious few words. i tell her im going to read her a poem, one she had so often in the last few years asked me to read to her. without opening her eyes she groans clearly, no. the word stretches and i feel so hot with embarrassment and sadness and shame. i thought i knew what she wanted; i thought i was helping. i laugh, immediately. it helps mask the rush of feelings and it is funny anyway. sort of makes me feel like the dork and my mom the cool kid in some john hughes film. like shes saying, dont you think im suffering enough
the cz v’s keyboard is mostly unresponsive to on-screen messages and other sounds. so if the host computer starts to make a lot of noise, you may be alerted by the cz v’s led display that something is happening. the keyboard has a lot of the same functions as the one on the dmx-v. this is a great alternative to using a usb keyboard to control the dmx-v. you can type, use the volume buttons to navigate, and you can even use the screen to scroll through the presets. master and slave mode the cz v has two modes: master and slave. the master mode is the more general mode, where the cz v is the sound source. it can be programmed to be the master sound source and control other instruments like the dmx-v and vco2. the slave mode is used for use with a vco2

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