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iSpirit addresses Apple device owners, especially the ones in possession of an iPhone, and iPod or an iPad. With the support list long enough to suit any Apple gadget, iSpirit does start on the right foot as it enters the market.
Although many other applications serve the same goal as iSpirit, this particular program comes bearing simplicity and modesty while providing powerful tools to help you get the job done in the minimum amount of time.
First things first, iSpirit supports both classic USB connections and WiFi-enabled ones, with the first one being more accurate, reliable and serving a wider array of operations while the other one scores in the flexibility department.
Other options that you can quickly and easily use right away refer to screen capturing, app installing or other functions such as respring, reboot, shutdown, repair icons, PuTTY or password setting.
With iSpirit, you also get a theme manager you can use to change the visual style of your device, a wallpaper manager to help you rapidly look for new, interesting backgrounds for your gadget’s screen while also organinzing your apps just the way you want.
The ease-of-use and the elimination of hidden menus and features within iSpirit makes it a straight-forward application to say the least. You can effortlessly search files, access the general storage, recover music and videos, download and install Cydia apps if your iPhone is jailbroken, access the camera as well as your ringtones and voice memos.
All in all, iSpirit does provide an intuitive program to manage your mobile Apple device and truly make it one of a kind suing the integrated features in a simple, non-quirky way as more and more apps do these days. iSpirit is that type of software that you can really rely on helping out each time you want to solve an issue or transpose an idea in timely fashion with great results.



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iSpirit is an app for jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch users. You can download and install it from the Cydia Store with just a few steps. Use the iSpirit application to install/update/remove apps from the device.
iSpirit Features:
– Ability to upgrade, remove, or install apps for the device, both free and paid apps.
– Search for free and paid apps in the Cydia Store.
– Updates apps to the latest version on the App Store.
– Retrieve all your purchased apps.
– Set wallpaper for your device.
– Display Cydia apps on your device.
– Open iTunes on the iPhone or iPod Touch.
– Delete, reinstall, or upgrade apps that are already installed on your device.
– Restore apps from backups to the device or use iCloud to restore apps.
– Move apps from the Trash to the App’s Library.
– Restart iPhone or iPod touch.
– Respring iPhone or iPod Touch.
– Reboot iPhone or iPod Touch.
– Shuts down or reboots iPhone or iPod Touch.
– Password set or reset iPhone or iPod touch.
– Copy (images, music, videos) from the device to the computer.
– All the standard functions on the iPhone and iPod touch.
– The ability to take screenshots.
– Ability to take a picture and send to a contact.
– Send video to a contact.
– Upload photos to Twitter.
– Access to the music library.
– Clean up the iPhone’s cache.
– Clear the iPhone’s cache.
– Control the volume on the iPhone or iPod touch.
– Convert to audio format.
– Export the contacts to vCard or Windows Address Book.
– Manage your apps in the App list.
– Manage your wallpaper.
– Manage the iPhone’s network settings.
– Manage the Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone.
– Manage the Touch ID settings on your iPhone.
– Manage the home screen settings.
– Manage the themes on the iPhone or iPod touch.
– Manage the health of the iPhone or iPod touch.
– Manage the battery life of the iPhone or iPod touch.
– Manage the iPhone’s email account.
– View the iPhone’s calendar.
– Launch iTunes on the iPhone or iPod touch.
– Launch iTunes on the iPhone or iPod touch.
– Launch Xcode on the iPhone or iPod touch.

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iSpirit is a simple and handy app that is capable of solving many of the issues you might come across with your iOS device.
In addition, you can extract any part of the file you want. For example, you can extract only a part of the picture into a smaller size. Or you can take out only a part of the audio data and save it in MP3 format.
With this app you will be able to manage your files like never before.
You will be able to manage your files on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.
A wide selection of functions that will make your life easier.

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Download iSpirit 2.0.0

What’s New in Version 2.0.0:

Version 2.0.0 of iSpirit is here. You can now extract and save only a part of an MP3 file using this app.All posts for the month April, 2013

Twice a month, for the last few weeks, I’ve been listening to/watching/reading/watching/reading/watching The New Yorker’s TV-movie-turned-sitcom Park Avenue. If you’ve seen it, you’ve seen me. If you haven’t seen it, well, let’s just say that if I look like the other two women in it, I’m pretty much her doppelganger.

The main subject of the show is Madeline Lane (Claire Danes), a wealthy widow whose husband (Chris Eigeman) dies in a car accident just as her ten-year-old daughter goes off to boarding school. Since then, Madeline has been living alone in the apartment her husband had arranged for her on Park Avenue, with her daughter and a housekeeper.

And, well, the show is something like Sex and the City, except it’s about a woman living alone in a single apartment and a woman living alone in a single apartment who’s a writer for a magazine.

I can’t seem to get enough of it!

The main narrative of Park Avenue is about Madeline, her daughter, and her housekeeper trying to move on, to “get back on their feet,” to say, “we’re not a couple anymore,” to “get back in the saddle,” to “get back out

What’s New in the ISpirit?

iSpirit is a free application that helps you manage your mobile Apple device.
This useful application combines an intuitive interface with features not available anywhere else, allowing you to easily access, manage and organize all your files, applications and other data.
* Translate or reverse your text, speed dials, contacts or any other data between languages or change the fonts in many applications
* Generate HTML files that are directly viewable in any browser.
* Backup and restore your music, videos and ringtones using your iTunes backup
* Send text messages from an unlimited number of contacts with only one click.
* Restore, backup or delete your apps with the click of a button
* View your iPhone or iPad device’s screen
* Sound recorder and audio editor.
* Root your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
* Change your phone’s wallpaper, music and video files.
* Remove badges and pin icons from your home screen.
* Preview your music and videos on the computer.
* Change your phone’s ringtones, launch URL, profile and voice memos.
* Add, edit and delete iMessage folders.
* View your messages, attachments and iMessages.
* Run apps from SD card.
* Quickly and easily copy, move or copy paste text between your computer and your phone.
* Create.ini files in your home folder for your preferences.
* Change the icons and interface of many applications in a single click.
* Change your iPhone keyboard language in only a few seconds.
* Remove all the unwanted applications you don’t need.
* Create unlimited and customizable keyboards.
* Update to the latest version of iOS.
* View images in your albums.
* Remove the search bar and the home button from your home screen.
* Integrate the system menu with your own shortcut.
* And much, much more…
How to use iSpirit:
After installation, you can use iSpirit with just one click.
• With one click you can:
– Restore applications: The application will restore everything you need to have your application running again.
– View applications: The application will open all the apps installed in your iPhone and iPod touch.
• The application will be launched automatically at each startup of your Apple device.
• The application is not limited in this respect and you can use it in any case.
• Each application that can be run in the system will have its own button on the main menu, so you will only need to select the desired application.
• The application can be launched directly from the application menu on your iPhone or iPod touch.
• When the application has finished working, you can remove the application by tapping on the trash icon and then selecting ‘Delete’.
• The application uses a unique desktop (Finder) and the keyboard (Siri) and is not limited in this respect.

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.5
Mac OS X 10.7
Mac OS X 10.8
How to install [OpenGL]:
Click here to download the Windows Installer (3.1MB)
Copy the files C:\GameData\TF2\win32_installer.exe and C:\GameData\TF

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