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Jazz Mission is an album by vibraphonist Dave Pike’s Buckethead Project, released in 1998 and is the first Buckethead album to include eight original compositions.

Track listing
“Deep in Blue” – 3:43
“Double Flower Basket” – 4:26
“D.I.S.T.E.R. Records” – 5:47
“Stupid Soul” – 4:28
“The Sound of Leaving” – 4:09
“Macabre” – 4:27
“Obsession” – 3:59
“New Track” – 5:06
“Tiger Beach” – 7:10


Dave Pike – Vibraphone, Melodica, Horns, Vocals
Danny Roberts – Guitar
Pete Escovedo – Keyboards
Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums

Dave Pike – Executive Producer
Bob Hauschild – Engineer
George Marino – Mastering
Dave Mattacks – Percussion
Steve Smyth – Producer, Photography
Greg Walker – Producer


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Category:1998 albums
Category:Dave Pike albumsQ:

Would a non-white Martian look like this if they were nearer in size to us?

I am curious to know if non-white Martians would look like “us” or closer in appearance to “us” even with the strength of gravity?


no, the gravity would decrease the surface area over which we would sink, thus smoothing our appearance
would we be able to tell Martians apart?

I’m not quite sure that the question implies that the Martians are the same as us, but the “us” you refer to is, presumably, the Earth’s human race.
The two major differences between Earth and Mars would be:

The Martians’ brains aren’t as complex as ours
Although these Martians would have a radically different amount of gravity, they wouldn’t have evolved to be as different from us as we are from apes

Measuring different dimensions

We have two pairs of arms, they have two pairs of

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