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Web Site Agreement, section 4.1 and 8.5

You can run the Open Validator as a standalone application. As a web site administrator, you can run it from the top of your web server and check as many pages as you want.

Open Validator is a commercial application but it is completely free for personal and educational use. All versions of the Open Validator can be downloaded for free.

You can license you own version of the Open Validator in order cde4edac5b

Check it out if you’re looking for an alternative to a dedicated real live metronome.—
abstract: ‘In this paper we present an approach that gets a natural generalization of the Dyck-Ostrowski lattice hierarchy by simply introducing abstract lattices. We characterize which functions can be representable as lattice-valued subordination chains. This generalizes an approach to regular languages using lattices by Goldstein and Plandowski and more recently by Hö

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