LiveSuit Win7 64 Bit Version



LiveSuit Win7 64 Bit Version

You are so closed. So please give one more try as follows: 1. Use livesuit to burn a10_kernel_20130203.img to the board. It takes about one minutes. 2. Get one clean TF card ( if you already apply Phonixcard on your TF card, please restore it to normal by using the restore button in PhonixCard software), and copy the other three files: ubuntun_xxx.img,.sh,.fex files to your CLEAN TF card. 3. Plug the card to pcDuino and power on the device. 4. Have a cup of coffee and wait for 12 minutes (not kidding, please wait for long enough). 5. Eject the TF card, then power the device again. 6. Now the device should up running.

Hello reader, if you have problems starting livesuit.exe, and receive the error message “Install the driver fail! The program will exit.” You must connect your MK802 to the system before starting the tool.

I have had issues with ‘Install the driver fail!’ Errors on several devices, this takes place when trying to release livensuit.exe in order to flash many types of A10 pill. This is definitely a fix which proved helpful for me on many systems. You will see something like LivSuitPackversion1.1 in the unpacked livesuite folder (I utilized version 1.09, it is usually similar for 1.07 which will be the some other edition typically present). You should run this as owner and it will install the appropriate drivers and after that you will be able to run the livesuit executable. Under Home windows 7 simply right click and choose ‘Work as principal’, you will be motivated to enable the set up of an unsignd driver, t which you should say yes.

the os boots fast and is very responsive, and i like it so far. however, i seem to be having a problem with the wifi. it seems to disconnect at least once a minute and sometimes more frequently. this seems to happen regardless of the operating system, browser, or whether or not i’m connected to an access point.
it seems the wifi disconnects when the board is trying to connect to an access point. this seems to happen any time i’m trying to connect to an access point. it doesn’t seem to occur when i’m connected to a wireless network.
1. no need to apply “phonixcard” to the tf card. 2. google “bootloader progress” or “bootloader sync speed issue”. you will find many people had the same issue. 3. the installer in your question is the final version, which has solved the bootloader sync issue.
you are so closed. so please give one more try as follows: 1. open the file in a text editor, then scroll down to find the line make and change it to make cppflags=”-dandroid -d__android__ -dandroid_ndk -dlogging_level=debug -g3″ 2. it will build a 32 bit version to be used if you have the 32-bit sdk installed. run ./livesuit-linux-v0.5 3. if you are still stuck, please let me know what is the problem. if the problem is solved by this thread, you can then ask for a new version (see top of this message).
sparkfun: please update or mark the changing the os page as deprecated. the archive that you link to for the image doesn’t have the files that you claim will be in there, livesuit doesn’t compile on a current ubuntu and the pcduino home page has instructions that conflict with yours.

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