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Lost Planet 2 Retail Launcher-skidrow

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install tp2 update 1.0: go to the installation folder, move steamapps to tp2 folder and double click on tp2 installer. it will install without any modifications. update the launcher with the new one. get the new launcher here:. http://www.fileserve.com/file/vh7wkc0

http://emoo.me/174718-lost-planet-2-retail-launcher-skidrow-torrent-links/ : http://www.mediafire.com/file/d3ytxepsv3rij9/lost_planet_2_retail_launcher_skidrow.rar delete any other launchers you find in the game files. make sure you have deleted them all, then delete the auto installer. install this one: .

The Artifacts present in this area were excavated by the Sacrum Chu Imperium, but were either lost or became useless after the downfall of the Sacrum Chu Imperium. These precious but useless Artifacts that were discovered during the excavation of this region have become the main reason of the recent research here.
However, the Dr. Wang’s examination of the Synchronous Frontier has already begun. He believes that these Artifacts contain the essence of the forgotten Sacrum Chu Imperium and that they could be used to reunite all Sacrum Chu ruins on Lost Island into one world. And so, he dispatched his researchers to dig up the artifacts that lie beneath the surface of Lost Island for a few hours and bring them back to his laboratory to further inspect them.
Liu Cheng, and his team of Dr. Wang’s archaeologists have crossed the Stream of the Cosmic Barrier and have come to Lost Island. Although they were originally tasked with studying the aftermath of the recent Warping Reverberation on this region, their new discovery and research will fundamentally change the course of their study.
1– after we started our investigation, we found that the Illuminated Gate was locked, leaving this region even more isolated than before. However, an old man who was a native of Lost Island informed us that there was a secret room under the ground near the Illuminated Gate.
We have to leave this place as soon as possible. We need to go into the Weeping Portal to leave Lost Island. If we don’t get through the Weeping Portal quickly, we will be forced to stay here for the rest of our lives.


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