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Medha Spoken English Material Pdf 462

the text consists of four parts. the first part is introductory and states the life of krishna, his birth, his ancestry, his birth in vrindavan, his early years, his banishment, his return, and the fall of the kauravas. from the early years of his life he is shown as a child and displays the various qualities of a child.

gaudiya matha is the teacher of the lord. it is the chief place of propagation. its center is located in india. gaudiya prabhu was the son of sri madhusudana, the founder of the gaudiya matha. he called himself sri nityananda mahaprabhu. he was the successor of sri chaitanya mahaprabhu. sri nityananda buddha was born in the year 1486 and died in the year 1533. this great scholar is credited with the invention of bengali poetry and the introduction of bengali literature, which is the main distinctive mark of this language.

the texts consist of two parts: the first part, or bybhakti-mata-samparishya-pravartana is a treatise on his relationship to the supreme personality of godhead, and the second part is ‘gaudiya-samparishya-pravartana’, which is about the programme and goal of the gaudiya vaisnava movement. it is essential for all the brahma-vaishnava systems to understand the philosophical significance of the gaudiya movement.

this most profound system was founded by sri chaitanya mahaprabhu, the child incarnation of god. it is based on the upanisadic principles and vedic traditions. vrndavana is the birthplace of lord krishna and sri vrindavan is the seat of krishna’s cult.

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