Memento Firmware 1.3 128 |VERIFIED| 📱

Memento Firmware 1.3 128 |VERIFIED| 📱

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Memento Firmware 1.3 128

the frame still keeps hanging. i have searched and searched on the internet for solutions to this problem. the forums have very little information. after reading some of the comments of the various photos i uploaded, i realized that the issue may not be related to the original firmware upgrade. i have found a new problem and hope you can help. if you have any ideas on how to fix this please let me know. you can access the frame at my url below. please go to my web page and let me know if you have any issues. thanks for your time. hope you have a great day

i have the memento frame connected to my iphone via usb and the camera is on the memento frame. the camera is connected to the usb port, i have my camera phone in the memento’s storage compartment. when i go to the memento frame’s app on my phone, it says there are no photos. if i have my camera connected to the memento frame, how do i get my iphone to allow the photos to be transferred to the memento’s storage compartment?

here is what i have done. i have gone into the memento app and downloaded the new firmware version. i have gone into the phone app and downloaded the memento app. i have tried to save a picture to the memento, but it says the frame does not have any storage space. i have the memento connected to my pc, and it is showing as 1/2 full of data. i have tried to download the photos, and it says that i do not have enough space. can someone tell me what i have done wrong? can someone help me?

does anyone know how i can add pictures to the memory of my memento? the memento comes with a password to unlock the memory. does anyone know how i can enter that password on my camera phone? i have tried doing this, and nothing has happened.

there are a few points worth noting about the new firmware. first, it’s not a full firmware replacement, we need to do some more work to make sure the frames are working properly. second, the memory limit is now much higher, up to 1,000 photos per memory card. to make room for the extra photos, the storage for the auto backup system has been reduced, and the memory card slot will be removed.
third, and this is a biggie for me, we’re going to include a built-in wifi antenna. i know there’s a lot of discussion on the forum about how much or how little people like the wifi feature, and i’m not sure what to think about that myself. i suspect the majority of our memento owners will not use this feature. however, since i’m the one who brought it up (and i’m probably the only one who uses the wifi feature, since it’s totally useless) i think it’s worth including.
just a few notes to let you know that we finally have a fix for the memento firmware problem. it’s in our next firmware update which is available now and will be released sometime in the next few days.
i’ve been in contact with the wonderful guy who put together the memento firmware and he’s trying to get his frames to work with this new firmware. i’ve seen some videos on youtube of people doing this and he has a number of images of the frames he’s testing, and i’ve seen some reports that the frames are working but there’s still some bugs in the firmware. i’m going to leave that up to him to determine. he said that for the most part the frames are working fine.
i also installed the memento on my home network with a wireless network adapter. and just like with my old memento, i was not allowed to use the memento if it was not connected to the internet. so like with the old memento, i had to tether the memento to my phone via wifi. when i’m away from home, that’s no problem because my phone is always with me. but with the memento, i wanted to be able to use the frame’s functionality anywhere i happened to be. so i purchased a usb wifi adapter. and that worked just fine until i upgraded the firmware. when i went to the online update screen, a progress bar indicated that the firmware update was being downloaded and installed. but a few minutes later, the progress bar stopped, indicating that the update was complete. the screen was static, and the progress bar stopped moving.

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