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Chemistry isn’t even close to being the easiest subject in school, but that doesn’t mean learning it requires a lot of effort. Given a good tutor, and a set of learning tools like MHX Chemistry Helper, getting acquainted with compound mixtures, and understanding related parameters becomes a walk in the park.
Detailed view of the Periodic Table
The application requires little time and effort to install on your computer, giving you a chance to check out the set of features before you realize. All learning sections are stored in different tabs, wrapped around a classic, but intuitive window frame, with thorough descriptions so you don’t get stuck along the way.
To start with the basics, the first tab you’re taken to is a neat visual representation of the periodic table. Selecting an item from the table provides details about it, such as name, melting point, phase, atomic mass, number, classification, electrons per shell, electron configuration, and half life. Moreover, color codes are explained to better differentiate halogens from metals, actinides, noble gases, and more.
Multiple calculators, and thorough descriptions
A couple of tabs simply provide more details on common chemical compounds. For instance, aromatic hydrocarbons are all shown with cool visual representations of structure, and name, while chemical study sheets provide more info on carboxylic acids, aldehydes, alcohols, ethers, ketones, and hydrocarbons.
Different calculators can be used as well. The chemical equation solvers tab is fitted with linear momentum calculator, number of moles, Charles’ Law, and temperature conversion between Kelvin and Celsius. There’s also a molar mass calculator, but neither lets you export any details to file. Additionally, more details can be accessed regarding molar weight calculus, with examples and explanations of equations.
In conclusion
All things considered, we can safely state that MHX Chemistry Helper is sure to help you learn a thing or two about chemistry with little effort. The general structures allow you to easily access different calculators and info fields. Sadly, there aren’t any export options for any sets of details, so you need to keep a text editor at hand if you need calculator values.


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MHX Chemistry Helper Crack Free License Key (2022)

Simple, yet unique
A set of fun and easy to use tools
Simple and intuitive interface
Detailed, yet concise explanations
Simple tutorials, and easy to follow explanations
Detailed info and description regarding chemical compounds
Detailed chemistry calculators
Simple and easy to use tools
Available for: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2003, Windows 8.1, Windows 7


7. Which of the following accurately describes the color of sodium hydroxide?
A) Blue
B) Dark green
C) Black
D) Purple
8. A student spilled some drinking water on his table. In this case, the effect of a wet environment on a chemical compound is called:
A) Deflation
B) Condensation
C) Saturation
D) Decomposition
9. A sample has a reactivity of -70. What is the product?
A) Water
B) Carbon dioxide
C) Carbon monoxide
D) Sulfur dioxide
10. Which of the following statements is true about the mass of a compound?
A) It is related to the number of protons and neutrons.
B) It is related to the number of electrons.
C) It is the mass of the most abundant isotope.
D) It is the mass of the least common isotope.
11. Which of the following terms best describes the percentage of the quantity of a reactant in a reaction?
A) Stoichiometry
B) molarity
C) Percantage
D) Fraction
12. A student, who holds a 2.5 grade point average, is informed that a part of the student body has a grade point average of 2.9. Using the data in the table below, how many students have a GPA of less than 2.5?
Grade Point Average

MHX Chemistry Helper Crack Free License Key For Windows

I. Get the __________ or __________ of a material.
II. Describe how to prepare ___________ or ____________.
III. Explain the ___________ of a chemical.
IV. Describe how to __________ a chemical with an acid.
V. Describe how to __________ a chemical with an alkali.

Vocabulary Words:



Let’s get started with

The first step is to understand what each chemical formula means. Since there’s no chemical formula language available, we’ll use the older K&R system, which has 3 keys.

K Key – You can use a capital K to enter a chemical formula in case you’re unsure.

R Key – You can use a capital R to enter a chemical formula in case you’re unsure.

E Key – You can use a capital E to enter a chemical formula in case you’re unsure.

Next, we need to understand how to pronounce chemical formulas. For that, you can use the phonetic alphabet or any other pronunciation you’re familiar with.


The second step is to understand how to describe a compound and its structure.


Let’s get started with the structure of water.
The structure of H2O shows 2 O atoms bonded together to a H atom.
2 bonds represent how H atoms are linked together to form water.

Next, let’s look at the structure of carbon dioxide.
The structure of CO2 shows 1 C atom and 1 O atom bonded together to a H atom.
1 bonds represent how a C atom is linked to an O atom to form carbon dioxide.

The third step is to understand how to describe the structure of a compound using the K&R system

MHX Chemistry Helper Crack [Updated-2022]

With a little help from MHX Chemistry Helper, you’ll never be stuck learning chemistry. The program has everything you need for learning the basics in a few clicks. The interface is simple, intuitive, and built with a clean design that lets you easily switch between tabs. The tabs arrange your learning categories in a classical way, letting you have a quick look at what’s ahead.

The first tab is a visual representation of the periodic table of elements. From the table, you can get a set of details for any given element, including name, atomic number, mass, number of electrons in the outer shell, and others. The table also shows the melting point, phase, crystal structure, and more. The tabs can be separated using tabs, which are separated with a line.

The Chemistry Study Sheets tab is designed for people who want to get the fundamentals down with a plain text. It provides an array of learning tools to help you get the most out of your chemistry studies. Some of them are some pretty basic, but still, they help you to understand compound mixtures.

To start with, there’s a calculator for chemical equation solvers, in which you can input several ingredients and convert them into a solution. You can use number of moles, mass, and the heat of fusion of the solution to get the average molecular weight. There’s also a molar mass calculator, which will show you the mass of a given substance in kilograms and grams. In addition, a Charles’ law calculator is available, which will let you figure out the saturation of a substance based on its concentration.

The rest of the tabs contain information related to the conversion of one substance to another. You’ll find tables with a description of the reaction, plus the average molarity, total moles, and the approximate percentage of a solution. Finally, there’s a table showing a complete list of reactions, with their description.

In conclusion
If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to learn about compound mixtures, the MHX Chemistry Helper is the perfect choice. It has a clean, user-friendly design that lets you easily access different tabs. Each of them has detailed information on common chemistry compounds, and the free version lets you have a look at the learning materials. However, there’s no export options for any of the fields, so you’ll need to keep a text editor handy

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System Requirements For MHX Chemistry Helper:

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit only)
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.5GHz / AMD Athlon X2 2.7GHz or faster
Memory: 2GB RAM (8GB recommended)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS or AMD Radeon HD4000 or better
Storage: 5GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Additional Notes: This game requires Steam.Ni Hao, Kai-lan!
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