Mi4 Ghost Protocol 720p Dual 44 🏳️

Mi4 Ghost Protocol 720p Dual 44 🏳️

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Mi4 Ghost Protocol 720p Dual 44

like most programmers, i play dota and ive been very excited to hear the news of the jungle update. not only have they added more animals to choose from and a new item, they have actually increased the way they work. in order to play much better as a team, the new gadgets should mean that these items will be much more useful in team fights.

the 2 items are the doom bladder and the guardian angel. the doom bladder is an item that can be used to turn any creep into a living catapult. i think it looks ridiculous, but i may pick one up and take it for a spin in the future. the guardian angel is a new item that slows your opponents movements by 30% for 2 seconds. the question is whether or not this will turn out to be a top of the line item in the game. the go-to strategy is still based on the fact that the enemy jungle camped and killed the last creep, so the only reason to kill a creep was to put a ward somewhere. the new item might turn this strategy around.

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