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until i got lucky and found a free office 2010 iso somewhere, i had to resort to the online version. but if you are able to bring your own copy of office 2010 on a thumb drive, i would highly recommend it.

as mentioned before, it is difficult to get into the 25 day grace period after you install office 2010, and you may find that 25 days is too short if you have a pre-installed version of office. but if you get lucky, you will find a free office 2010 iso.

there are lots of online tools out there to help you determine what version of office you have (or whether you need to buy it), and which edition you should buy. most of them are free, but some are not.

one of the tools is microsoft office 2010 product key finder (you can see it at the bottom of this page). just type your license key into it and it will tell you if it is activated or not and which edition (or edition number) you should buy.

as i have noted above, you can get office 2010 free if you have a pre-installed version of office on your pc. but if you don’t, then you will have to pay a license fee, which means that you have to acquire it legally.

this is a bit of a leap, but wordperfect is still a viable alternative. not only does the venerable program still have a command-line version, wordperfect for mac os x, but you also have the option of using the document editor wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) in wordperfect 11 for mac. wordperfect is not free but its mac version, wordperfect basic, is a very reasonable alternative to word and wordperfect is still a viable office suite option. it also has a command-line version, and you can download wordperfect 11 for mac here for free.

quickly create an email signature that will appear at the bottom of all emails sent from your email client, and then apply it to all your email clients. it’s almost a standard for those who use email for personal and business purposes. it’s actually pretty good, since it uses a stylesheet that can be shared with others.
if you do this, you will not need to perform any other changes before creating a master image. also, you will not run into the office offline for a while. at the start, office will prompt you to activate and then you have 25 days to perform activation.
i have tried to do this, but i could not activate the product during the grace period. i could get the “office offline for x minutes” screen and activate it, but nothing would happen. a few days later, office online would tell me i couldn’t activate it again.
microsoft is changing the office 2010 activation flow to make it easier to activate, and i am sure that, with enough testing, it will work fine. but i have to say that i had some problems with the activation. it’s a bit of a pain, but hopefully microsoft will get it right for the next deployment.
over the past couple of years, google has been focusing on automating the entire deployment process so you can just download and install a working os. i am sure they will be coming out with windows 7 again next year, and as i mentioned earlier this week, with chrome os, it’s not just the os that is going to be open and available. it’s also going to be applications. the ability to download and use applications is going to be crucial to how we will be working and using computers over the next few years. this is the direction the industry is headed. the question is, will google, microsoft and apple continue to support this proprietary model, or will they embrace the open and free model?

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