Mobile Tracking Software Used By Police !EXCLUSIVE! 🔼

Mobile Tracking Software Used By Police !EXCLUSIVE! 🔼

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Mobile Tracking Software Used By Police

the u.s. marshals service (usms) has also used stingrays for years. in an open letter in september 2014, the aclu urged the usms to stop using its stingray device and to reform its use of similar devices. in the letter, the aclu explains how law enforcement agencies use stingrays to gather information about suspects, and it also acknowledges the risk that it poses to people’s privacy.

the fbi and the department of homeland security do not offer clear definitions for how they classify stingrays. in 2011, the fbi classified the device as a “‘pen register,'” which it defined as a “device or process that records or decodes dialing, routing, addressing, or signaling information transmitted by an instrument or facility from which a telephone connection is made.” in response to a freedom of information act request, the fbi has stated that it does not collect data from pen registers, despite the fact that it uses them to assist in gathering location data from mobile devices.

in its own may 2016 policy, the fbi stated that its use of cell-site simulators is limited to “emergency situations and certain foreign intelligence purposes.” while the policy says it does not require a warrant to obtain cell-site simulator data, it does not limit the conditions under which it may use a cell-site simulator. and the policy does not address the fbi’s use of pen registers or other devices that force mobile phones to connect to them. the fbi has said that it does not collect data from cell-site simulators, but it has not said that it does not collect data from any device that forces mobile phones to connect to it.

some law enforcement agencies and prosecutors have said that they have used stingrays and kingfishes for criminal investigations. in a letter to the fcc last year, a group of the nation’s largest police departments, including the los angeles police department and the new york police department, said their agencies “have used” the devices, but did not say for what purpose.
the new york police department said in a statement that it has used stingrays and kingfishes since 2003 and that they are used “in the context of criminal investigations, and to preserve the safety and security of the general public.” the statement said that the nypd has “used the devices to locate the location of cell phones” and that “the device collects a record of all of the cell phone calls made and received within its range.”
a spokesman for the los angeles police department would not comment on the department’s use of stingrays and kingfishes, but said the agency “has used them to locate the physical location of mobile phones.”
the national security agency (nsa), which has been accused of spying on nearly everyone around the world, has a presence in the u.s. that often goes unnoticed. with millions of documents leaked by edward snowden, it is well known that the nsa collects information from u. citizens. but how many of these documents referred to the domestic agencies and what types of information were collected has remained largely unknown. the times recently revealed that the nsa kept track of millions of u. phone records from 2015 to 2018. the agency also collected information on foreigners from u. telecoms.

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