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The program displays local port and Address, remote port and address and which process owns the open port.
This could be useful to find trojans, keyloggers or other malware “listening” for incoming calls.
An automatic 2-second scan can be activated, to ensure continuous monitoring of the sysem ports.


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MyPorts is a comprehensive tool to list and close open TCP/UDP/IPv4/IPv6 ports and to investigate open network connections (TCP/IPv4/IPv6 addresses) and processes that use them.
List and close open network connections and processes in real-time or in a scheduled task.
This is a perfect tool for network professionals to check if a server is accessible, or for home users to keep their network safe from intruders.


TortoiseSVN is a Visual Studio integrated version control system.


Nmap is the de facto standard port scanner. It can do a ton of cool things with protocols, and will show you all kinds of cool stuff. It also has a live update, so if you start it and look around, new results are popping up all the time.


How to get a list of active (or recently used) webbrowsers in Java?

What I want is a list of currently active (and recently used) webbrowsers.
I want this list for various reasons, but mainly because I need to run some extra checks on webapps and webservers.
My primary use case is that I want to check if there are local files in the www folder of a webapp, or if a webapp is using the images folder of a webserver.
In particular, I want to check the files of a webapp in a given webbrowser if it is on the same host (and is not for some reason using the http or https protocol instead of the local one).
The usage of the Java WebBrowser class (WebBrowser app = new WebBrowser()) is discouraged, as there are already various open-source projects for checking the user agent of a webbrowser. (e.g. WebBrowser HTTP, or CheckUserAgent.)
I would like to avoid checking for the HTTP protocol, as there are various JS file extensions that may fool the test, and I have no interest in checking the user agent for the google search, or similar.
I want to check the file system of the webbrowser for local files (e.g. /usr/share/icons/google-chrome/128×128/apps/google-chrome.png or /usr/share/icons/ubuntu/128×128/apps/chromium-browser.png), and the webserver for images (e

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If you want to save space in the program file, you can specify the KeyMacro that is displayed in the main window.
For more information, please see the Keys section.
View the list of used KeyMacros

This utility can be used to detect some known spyware.
Some spyware programs can hide itself in a win32 system tray. This tool will detect any win32 process that shows up as a win32 system tray icon.
Some spyware uses a file name filter to hide itself from users, e.g. the name “imageboard” or “fotos”.
Use the following command to run the anti-spywack:

To use the utility, go to start, search for the anti-spywack utility, and run it.

Please Note:
The anti-spywack utility is only to identify spyware. It does not remove it.
You must have admin rights to run the anti-spywack tool.
Do not use this utility if you have a legitimate need to remove spyware.

If you find a spyware trojan, you will need to use the Spywack utility.
You can download the Spywack utility from the Spyspyware website.

Internet Proxy Fix
Sometimes your Internet connection is not working as it should.
You can try to use the internet proxy fix.
This will check to make sure that you are not using a proxy server to access the Internet.
If you are using a proxy server, you will need to enter the URL for the Internet site you want to access,
for example “”.

If you find that a proxy server is blocking access to the Internet, you will need to stop the proxy server from using the Internet.
If you are using Internet Explorer, you can select Tools, Internet Options, Connections, Settings, Connections tab, Connections panel, LAN Settings, Proxies, and then Uncheck “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.

If you are using Firefox, you can select Edit, Preferences, Network, and then select Settings.
Select the Connection tab and make sure “Automatically Detect Settings” is unchecked.
Click the Close button.

If you are using the Internet at work, you will need to get the IT department to provide the Internet proxy fix for you.

Do you

MyPorts 2011 Crack + Keygen Full Version For Windows [2022]

MyPorts is a useful utility that helps in establishing connections between two or more computers. It’s not a standard port-scanner, because this software will open all connected ports in the system, and it will inform us about any active and open connection.
This handy software can be used to test whether our Windows computers are up to date or not.
MyPorts 2006 Description:
The most powerful Port Scanner for the modern era.
Check your Internet connection, software updates, installed packages or incoming connections, determine which process is listening on a specific port, locate remote computer’s IP address, or listen for a connection to your computer and determine which remote program is trying to connect to your computer.
This is an indispensable tool for everyone who wants to keep their system up to date and secure.
With MyPorts, you can check the port status and the program which is listening on the port.

Speedbuddy – Display network bandwith
Speedbuddy is a network bandwidth monitor that monitors and reports network traffic for all or a particular computer on your local area network.
Speedbuddy also allows you to throttle the amount of data sent and received over the Internet.
The Data Monitor records Internet traffic on your local area network.

Sleepytalk – A Reliable Wake-On-LAN Client
Sleepytalk allows to remote control any system on the LAN using Wake-On-LAN.
If the user turns on the system they will have a message on the screen letting them know that a remote device wants to communicate with them.
The user can accept the request, or reject it.
Sleepytalk uses the Windows operating system’s ACPI and CPL (Client Power Management Protocol) to allow sleep to be terminated while still providing functionality.

Remote Commander – A Remote Command System
With the Remote Commander, users can send commands to any running Remote Desktop Session, including all remote applications, from any other computer or server.
Actions such as “Open Browser”, “Ping” or “Echo” can be sent over the network to the remote session and the commands executed.
Remote Commander is a Remote Control system. It is designed to control a remote computer from a remote control server.

RemoteMax – Network Bandwidth Monitor
RemoteMax is a reliable network bandwidth monitor for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems.
Since it is based on the vendor’s protocol implementation, it also supports Windows Server 2003/2008/2012.
RemoteMax is an application

What’s New In?

MyPorts 2011 is a port scanner for Microsoft Windows,
designed to quickly check if the system is open to incoming
connections. It includes information for both local and remote
connections, and identifies which process owns the open port.

MyPorts for Linux:
MyPorts is a portable version of the popular local port scanner, MyPorts. MyPorts
for Linux is a small portable version of MyPorts, which can be used to scan a host from
a Linux system on the network. It is designed to quickly check if the system is open to
incoming connections.

MyPorts for Solaris:
MyPorts is a portable version of the popular local port scanner, MyPorts. MyPorts
for Solaris is a small portable version of MyPorts, which can be used to scan a host from
a Solaris system on the network. It is designed to quickly check if the system is open to
incoming connections.

One of the features I like the most about MyPorts is that it is fully GUI-based, making it very easy to use.

MyPorts includes the following features:

Multi-threaded scanning.

Multiple hosts support.

Port scan results presented in graphical format.

New features added:

Fixed bugs.

Quick and easy to use.

Compatible with most Windows operating systems.

MyPorts for Linux and MyPorts for Solaris are available free of charge, to anyone who wishes to use them. I currently use them on my home
Linux and Solaris machines and it works great.

After trying several other similar products, I decided to write my own because none of the other ones work as well as MyPorts.

MyPorts works on Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, LinuxMint, CentOS, Fedora) and Solaris systems.

MyPorts works with Unix-style (TCP/IP based) hostnames, IP addresses and domain names.

MyPorts works with all flavors of Windows including Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

MyPorts supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

MyPorts is Free software. You can get a copy of the latest version at

MyPorts, similar to most other port scanners, uses ICMP pings.
MyPorts utilizes Wireshark to monitor the data traffic on the network.
Wireshark is free software, can be downloaded from

MyPorts has an automatic scanning feature that automatically searches for open ports on the system.

MyPorts includes an auto-remove feature to remove temporary files.

MyPorts is available in several different

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 2 GHz (2.5 GHz for video is recommended)
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: 512 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or later
Processor: 3 GHz or higher
How to Install:

Place in a comment, to let us know of your thoughts!