Navneetschoolatlaspdfdownload REPACK

Navneetschoolatlaspdfdownload REPACK

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RegEx for sed extract item between two characters

I have a log file like this:
Nov 14 03:24:32 [Java] (10985) [GC(15892) [PSYoungGen: 450744K->149284K(450104K)] 15555562ms] [Times: user=16.18 sys=0.18, real=15555562 secs] [GC(11325) [PSYoungGen: 353518K->355813K(624288K)] 13380375ms] [Times: user=3.15 sys=0.01, real=13380375 secs]
Nov 14 03:24:33 [Java] (10985) [GC(16007) [PSYoungGen: 461104K->197346K(624288K)] 15564298ms] [Times: user=16.34 sys=0.01, real=15564298 secs] [GC(16009) [PSYoungGen: 542023K->1868408K(624288K)] 15397828ms] [Times: user=0.52 sys=0.00, real=15397828 secs]

I want to extract the timestamp between [GC] and [PSYoungGen:
I tried using Regex:

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