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PuTTY Session Manager is a software application designed specifically for helping system administrators organize their PuTTY sessions into folders for a better management of the entire process.
User interface
The tool places a small icon in the system tray and gives you the possibility to right-click on its icon for accessing several features, such as create or load a session, enable the tree-view mode for the Session Manager, open up the configuration panel, refresh sessions, work with a session editor, set hotkeys, and enable sync sessions.
Working the session editor
The session editor provides information about the session name, path and hostname, and gives you the possibility to export the information to CSV file format or registry file, copy the hostnames to the clipboard, copy session attributes, as well as delete sessions.
Altering hotkeys
One of the best features included in the application is the support for hotkeys which helps you activate several options on the fly. You may change the hotkeys used for creating a new session, minimizing the main window, and opening up your favorite sessions.
Sync features
When it comes to synchronization options, you can update, ignore or remove sessions, identify renamed sessions, reset data, and activate the sync mode. Additionally, the tool offers information about the session name, local and remote folders, local hostnames, status, and action.
What’s more, the application helps you choose the desired session location (be it a file or URL), ignore local sessions not present in remote list, pick a template for new sessions, as well as load and validate session list.
Configuration settings
PuTTY Session Manager lets you alter several configuration settings, namely run the utility at Windows startup, confirm on exit, enable transparency, minimize the app at boot up, make the program remain on top of other windows, as well as locate the putty.exe file.
What’s more, the session manager can be customized by expanding the tree on Windows startup, displaying icons in the tree, enabling tooltips, and entering a user-defined number of sessions in subfolders to open before warnings.
There’s support for several Pageant settings that you can apply for launching Pageant at startup, adding PPK keys, and locating the pageant.exe file, as well as FileZilla settings for tweaking the protocol parameters.The tool lets you enable WinSCP support and set up protocol options, as well as configure proxy settings.
Bottom line
All in all, PuTTY Session Manager comes with a handy suite of features for organizing your PuTTY sessions and assigning hotkeys to your favorite ones.







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Notepad.NET is a free, fast and easy to use notepad replacement for the.NET framework. It features syntax highlighting, tabbed and multiple documents. Includes built-in unit converter.
– Syntax highlighting
– Tabbed/multiple documents
– Syntax error checking
– Code folding
– Code folding/document folding
– User extensible/customizable
– Built-in unit converter
– Copy & paste
– Drag and Drop
– Multi-language mode
– Unicode supported
– Unicode character support
– XML support
– Additional languages: Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Devanagari, Greek, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Croatian, Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Turkish
– Additional features: multiple code files can be open at once, line and word wrapping, line numbers, code folding/unfolding, Indent/outdent, Tab key behavior, Clear formatting, Undo/Redo, Compare with editor content and more…
Supported OS:
– Windows 2000/Windows NT/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
– Mac OS X
– Linux
– Other…
Other Features:
– Close button is included (Ctrl+W)
– Optional MouseWheel support.
– Option to add a custom font for syntax highlighting
– Option to open files with different line endings and column positions at once
– Option to open multiple documents
– Option to open code files with different line endings and column positions at once
– Option to copy lines and words
– Option to drag and drop any file or folder
– Option to paste any text or document
– Option to select lines to be copied
– Option to copy lines and words
– Option to undo/redo
– Option to clear formatting
– Option to open any notepad
– Option to display line numbers
– Option to display current and total column number
– Option to display line and word count
– Option to use indent to get a line break
– Option to toggle code folding/unfolding
– Option to toggle line number
– Option to toggle column number
– Option to toggle line/word wrap
– Option to toggle single line
– Option to toggle automatic scroll bar
– Option to toggle automatic scroll to top
– Option to add characters (number, dollar, comma, dot, question)

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* Adds some specific commands to the OS X keystroke sequence for a single file/directory.
* Users can customize their macro by adding, removing, and repositioning commands for specific applications.
* Macros can be assigned to any keyboard shortcuts including:
– The Mac App Store
– Safari
– Finder
– iPhoto
– iMovie
– Numbers
– Mail
– Keyboard Viewer
* Macros can be assigned to any keyboard shortcuts including:
– Launchpad
– Spotlight
– All Applications
– FileMaker Pro
– Microsoft Word
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe InDesign
– Adobe Acrobat
– Adobe Premiere Pro
– Adobe After Effects
* Both the Macro Library and Keymacro software work by simply assigning each of the registered macro to a keyboard shortcut. Users can select any of the keyboard shortcuts they desire and, if desired, add any other macro that they wish. The software will scan and highlight the available commands in the program they have chosen.
* Once the user selects the keystroke command they wish to use and the program they want to use it for, the user clicks on the assigned keyboard shortcut to launch the application. If the user wishes to run the same command for a different application, they simply assigns a different keyboard shortcut for that application.
* Macros can be used on multiple computers simultaneously and assigned to any keyboard shortcut.

KeyMacro User Guides

*The document is linked here:
*The document is linked here:

KeyMacro Components

* Shortcuts (such as CMD + T for TextEdit)
* Macros (such as CMD + B for quick access to the location)
* Commands (such as CMD + E for emote)
* A user-friendly interface

KEYMACRO Allowed Application Macros

* Launchpad: Launchpad shows all open application and allows you to search or launch apps by a single click
* Spotlight: Spotlight is able to quickly find specific files and opens a specific program when you search for a file
* Finder: Finder allows you to quickly locate a specific folder or file
* iPhoto: Allows you to open and display your photos
* iMovie: Allows you to open and view your i

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– Free Notepad-like app for Win 10 (and higher)
– Features a simple but very useful interface
– Edit TXT, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Markdown, JSON, YAML, and many other document formats
– View binary and text files and their content
– Save/Open text files in ZIP, TAR, and ZIP archives

The Edge of Sound (album)

The Edge of Sound is the second studio album by Mike Lindsay and the Millionaires, released in 1994 by CBS Records. After a successful run with their debut album, the Millionaires were on the brink of signing to a major label. When the deal fell apart, the band struck out on their own and released this self-financed LP to showcase the songs that would have been featured on the planned album. Like their debut, the album featured a diverse range of musical styles.

Track listing

Mike Lindsay – vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, drums, percussion
Chris Cox – bass, backing vocals
Gregg Keplinger – lead and rhythm guitars

Additional personnel
Dan Michaels – producer, engineer, mixing
Chris Piazza – additional engineer
Ken Starkey – mixing assistant
Jim Gaines – mastering


External links
Album information at the Millionaires official site

Category:1994 albums
Category:Millionaires (band) albumsAbout this title:

Synopsis: This volume is devoted to the authors and works of Joseph de Gubernatis, and comprises: the catalogue raisonné of his works, containing three alphabetical sections: the first of which deals with the minor works, i.e., those less known and of uncertain attribution, in the following order: opuscula, madrigals, sonnets, nones, novella, canzone, motets, antiphons, iambic sonnets, Caprices, canzonette, antiphons, psalm settings, and etc. The second section is devoted to the complete works. It comprises the following subjects: poems, novellas, libretti, and dramas, odes, epigrams, novellas, madrigals, novellas, etc. The third alphabetical section comprises the studies, treatises, biographies, and miscellanies which have been published since the first edition of the catalogue, which appeared in 1882. The volume concludes with an introduction

What’s New In Notepad.NET?

A lightweight and portable text editor with a default look. This allows you to use it in almost all Windows environments.
Notepad.NET Screenshots:
Download Notepad.NETQ:

Is it possible to disable Java programmatically?

I would like to run a Java program, but only allow it to be run on a single computer.
Is it possible to run Java programs without installing them?


You can use this method (credits: James Strachan) to detect Java versions that are on the computer:
String javaExe = System.getenv(“JAVA_HOME”);
if (javaExe!= null &&!javaExe.isEmpty()) {
try { String[] {“-version”, “-showversion”, javaExe});
} catch (NoClassDefFoundError e) {
System.err.println(“Java version is too old”);
} catch (IOException e) {
System.err.println(“Java version is too old”);
} catch (RuntimeException e) {
System.err.println(“Java version is too old”);


I don’t know if it is possible to programmatically disable Java, but the alternative to allowing it to run is to create a restricted user and grant that user permissions on a Java run time. This should be restricted to a single machine and should prevent any Java usage.


You can use psitunes to run the application and prevent it from running if Java is not installed.
You can download the psitunes package from here, and it is freely available for evaluation.
For a quick install type
mv /Applications/

This will give you the psitunes app icon, from which you can launch psitunes and try the tutorial in the “Configuring psitunes” section. The executable for the application is in the
I have not tested this app myself, but it seems to be doing what it promises to do.

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OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4690 or AMD® Phenom™ II X4 955 Processor or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 20 GB
Graphics Card: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card with Shader Model 5.0 capable
DirectX: Version 11
Input Device: Mouse, Keyboard
Network: Broadband Internet connection
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