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After that, I installed this software so as to use it for designing the web layout. For the part of the demo, I have to specify the page type which I plan to add. For the Photoshop file, I have to save as file format of.psd (Photoshop) and save it as a PagePlus XML file. On the website you can see that you are done.
I have to use this program to edit my home page, which is.PSD file. To get this document, first download the PagePlus X8 Demo software in my computer..

.. No need to use a past version. After then, I open the PagePlus X8 file which I download from their site. On the first open, you need to choose the document types to edit. On the..Features

SAP BusinessObjects


Object database

Available at no extra cost with the right footprint

Extend your SAP landscape

BusinessObjects BI 8.2 contains new flexibility and powerful performance. Removes the need for a separate database server in stand-alone and heterogeneous deployments. Supports the new Oracle database management system (DBMS) and continues to support the SAP legacy database.

Access to data as quickly and easily as it did with BusinessObjects BI 8

It includes many of the benefits of Oracle11 (including Oracle X2 and Instant Oracle) and enables SAP users to respond to changing business requirements more easily than ever before. Enhanced performance means faster access to business intelligence and easier application development.

The new web technologies and Fast Data tools mean that you can benefit from a wide range of self-service tools, reporting and dashboard designer. You can create HTML reports that are accessible even to non-technical users.

Powerful Reporting for the Web

BusinessObjects Web BI 8.2 delivers powerful self-service reporting. You can build a report in BusinessObjects BI 8.2 and deliver it to a web browser. The report can then be viewed online without any software installation.

It offers a wide range of options that enable you to generate reports that can be used directly in a web browser. The report designer has been made easier to use, making it easier to generate reports for different audiences.

Built on SAP HANA

BusinessObjects Web 8.2 was built from the ground up to run on the SAP HANA RDBMS. Key innovations include:


page plus keygen freeres() : _M_pimpl();

_OutIt operator[](size_type __n) { return _M_pimpl->_M_iT[__n]; }

#if __cplusplus >= 201103L
constexpr const_iterator cbegin() const { return _M_pimpl->_M_cbegin; }
constexpr const_iterator cend() const { return _M_pimpl->_M_cend; }
constexpr size_type size() const { return _M_pimpl->_M_size; }
constexpr size_type capacity() const { return _M_pimpl->_M_capacity; }

_Tp **_M_pimpl;

inline void
_Sp_counted_deleter_alloc_base::_S_init(_Tp* __p)
if (__p)
_M_pimpl = const_cast*>(this);
_M_pimpl = 0;

inline void
_Sp_counted_deleter_alloc_base::_S_destroy(_Tp* __p)
if (__p)
_M_pimpl->_M_free1(_M_pimpl, __p);

inline void

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Postgres – how to filter and return all of the matched items from a textbox

In Postgres 9.4, I’m trying to return all of the matched items from a textbox. The field name is role_text in postgres database.
So, i created a filter on the table:
“role” ~* ‘”.*”‘”

and assigned it to the query:
WHERE (role_text) ~* ‘”.*”‘”

This returns an empty set. When i use the same query on the textbox, it returns all of the values in the textbox.
How can i construct a query to filter and return all of the matched items from a textbox in postgres?
I’m new to SQL.


But don’t you want an exact match? (not a string comparison)
FROM tab1
WHERE col1 = ‘foo’
AND col2 = ‘bar’
AND col3 = ‘baz

Place in a comment, to let us know of your thoughts!