Pengantar Pendidikan Eksekutif

Pengantar Pendidikan Eksekutif

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Pendidikan – Pensiunan

Penelitian dan Pengambilan


Pengantar Pendidikan.

Purpose:The purpose of the study is to describe Indonesian teacher’s understanding of the concept of academic discipline and to examine the relationship between teacher’s academic discipline perception and teacher’s attitude toward teacher’s academic discipline.

Design:The design of the study is descriptive survey. The study was conducted at the teacher education program (secondary schools) in Indonesia.

Data Collection: The data collection was carried out through questionnaire survey.

Study Limitation:The study limitation is that the study is only limited to the secondary schools in the Java island and does not cover other provinces.

This research was conducted to examine the extent of academic discipline and academic performance of the students in Indonesia. This research focuses on the perception of academic discipline and academic performance of the students in Indonesia. The perceptions of secondary students of discipline and academic performance from the viewpoints of the students’ parents, teachers and students are also investigated. This study used a cross-sectional design. The data collection was collected using a questionnaire survey. This study focuses on secondary schools in Java island. The data was gathered from parents, students, teachers and students. The study used the research tool which is the questionnaire. The questionnaire was designed to collect the information from the respondents. The data which was collected through the questionnaire was analyzed with a pre-test- post-test analysis. This study classified discipline in two perspectives; the perception of the students (20 items) and the perceptions of the teachers, that is teachers’ perception about academic discipline (22 items). The data of academic discipline is classified under five categories; internal process, discipline communication, discipline knowledge, discipline skill and discipline commitment. The results from the questionnaire survey provided insights into the perceptions, attitudes and beliefs of both teachers and students about academic discipline at the secondary level in Indonesia.

Transliteration: Desa dan Pengambilan : Sekolah Menengah Pascasarjana – Java

Abstract: The study is an effort towards defining and understanding the concept of academic discipline in Indonesia. The concept of academic discipline in Indonesia is still less explored but became more

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