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This originally designed set of icons provide your website and/or software applications with the most complete business icons you can find for finance and insurance sector primarily engaged in financial transactions and banking ( letter of credits, balance, withdrawal, credit cards, wallet, spreadsheet, forms, taxes, safe and checks) appropriate for developing more efficient accounting programs interface. Give your projects a fresh new look using the PLASTIC XP accounting icon collection.







PLASTIC XP Accounting Free For PC [Latest] 2022

It is a very versatile set of accounting icons, which allows you to use these icons, in the design of financial software, accounting programs, accounting portals, websites, accounting applications and much more. It is a very practical set of icons, which will enhance the flexibility of any software design, and the performance of its user interface. The set consists of two folders, one with 16 Photoshop (.PSD) layers, and one with 28 Photoshop (.PSD) layers. PLASTIC XP icons includes a wide range of icons – such as:
Accountants, Bank Checks, Business Contracts, Business Forms, Business Plans, Business Spreadsheets, Business Websites, Checking Account, Credit Card, Deposit Account, Finance, Finance Spreadsheet, Insurance, Interest, Mortgage Broker, Mutual Funds, OTC, Operating Plans, Payroll, Routing, Safe, Sales, Savings Accounts, Spreadsheet, Taxes, Vending Machine, Wallet.
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This is set of professional icons that will perfectly fit for your project in finance and accounting, accounting, banking and financial projects. Use them to customize your application, make your website look more professional, and to integrate your application and website more logically.
PLASTIC XB Accounting
This icon set is very easy to use. Just drop the appropriate icons from the given set on your design and all the information you need is provided on the Html page. The icons are available in the following sizes: 1024 x

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The PLASTIC XP collection offers you over 1,000,000 Icons and Over 250 Textures to use in your Visuals designs.
Icons in this package are perfect for the following industries:
-Finance and Accounting
-Transportation and Logistics
-Fashion and Entertainment
-Marketing and Advertising
-Human Resources
-Pets and Animals
-Leisure and Sports
-Travel and Tourism
-Leisure and Travel

As many of you may know, the famous design icon tool Sketch was acquired by Google last month. This is great news for Sketch users as they will now be able to use Google Chrome as their default browser. If you would like to test this feature, try Google’s “Turn On Fast Chrome Apps” in the Chrome settings.
Sketch may not be the most popular of all the icon tools available out there, but it is a great tool for beginners in the design process. It helps organize your icons by grouping them in categories, which is a great way to avoid a disorganized icon library. A drawing tool with a ton of options, Sketch has over 100+ filters and features to create amazing icons.
Additionally, the icons in the Sketch Library are available for free to use in your own projects! Sketch can be used for free if you download the app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
Here’s a few of the amazing things Sketch can do for you:
Get started for free
Create your first icon for free with the newest updates from Sketch. Now you can easily share your icons or create groups of them and use them in your personal or commercial projects.
More than 100 filters
Sketch is the only icon tool with more than 100+ filters to choose from to help you customize your icons the way you want. Choose from over 100 filters and customize your icons to your liking.
Go fullscreen with snap
When viewing your icons in the application, snap them to full-screen view and see your icons with more clarity.
Customizable sizes
You can easily change the size of your icons to make them fit more tightly or more elegantly within your application. The sizes include 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, and 64×64.
Multiple ways to organize your icons
You can add icons to groups, sort icons, organize icons by creation date, or even choose a default icon.
Take advantage of all

What’s New In PLASTIC XP Accounting?

Finance icons are a creative addition to any design project!
Made up of 61 high-quality business icons they may be used in a variety of applications including Microsoft PowerPoint® templates, Photoshop® templates, Microsoft Word templates, and in websites. From tax forms to checkbook registers these icons can help you get your message across to potential clients and customers.

For Purchase:
Purchase single icons in ZIP archive. You may use these icons in most common software such as Photoshop® and Indesign®, Publisher®, Flash®, Fireworks®, Dreamweaver® and other graphic software.

This set of icons provides your website and/or software applications with the most complete medical icons you can find for medical and health care sector. To present medical information, documents and forms, this set of icons can be used in applications as well as websites.

This set of templates includes 90 premium quality PowerPoint® templates with over 1,000 editable icons. Each icon is in a single shape layer and has its own gradient, giving you endless possibilities to create your own style. Add the template to your PowerPoint® presentation and impress your audience by using slides made with professional icons.

You’ve got 90+ single layer PowerPoint® icons in a single presentation, providing you with everything you need to get a professional and unique look in your presentation. The icons are editable, and you can add your own personal touches using the gradient tool.

For Purchase:
Purchase single icons in ZIP archive. You may use these icons in most common software such as PowerPoint®, Flash®, Fireworks®, Dreamweaver®, and other graphic software.

Finance Icons present your website or application with the most complete finance icon collection. This collection provides you with more than 450 high-quality business icons. These icons will add a professional touch to your design projects. Use these icons as a part of your web graphics, desktop graphics and application designs.

Modular Power Icons presents an innovative way to customize your icons. The idea is to have a set of modular icons. Each icon is made of three basic elements – line, symbol, and text. These elements are just outlines, and you can edit them as you see fit. As a result, the icons will look great in any design you are creating. The outline shapes in your design will look unified. Modular Power Icons are really perfect when your design is focused on the user interface. Modular Power Icons make your work more fun!

40 (16×16, 16×20, 24×24, 24×32, 32×32, 48×48) JPG format icons in a separate file for you to easily modify and reuse.

For Purchase:
Purchase single icons in ZIP archive. You may use these icons in most common software such as Photoshop® and Indesign®, Publisher®, Flash®, Fireworks®, Dreamweaver® and other graphic software.

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Windows 2000 or later.
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later.
Internet Explorer 9 or later.
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It is recommended that you have at least 5 gigabytes of free hard drive space on your Nintendo Switch system.
System Requirements:
Windows 7 or later.
Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or later.
Internet Explorer 8 or later.
Most Windows PCs are likely to be too old to run Nintendo Switch games.

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