PORTAL KNIGHTS: TRAINER Unlimited Health, Set XP And Super Mode BETTER ✋



PORTAL KNIGHTS: TRAINER Unlimited Health, Set XP And Super Mode

after playtesting this mode we changed the way that the map could produce three zones, removing any impact that the “near” mechanic had on the gameplay and making it a purely mechanical balance tool. the balance team also went over and tested each game and adjusted the mechanics based on their personal feel. for this mode, we were able to find a true balance in which any team could win on any round.

the process of playing this mode is fairly simple: start at the bottom of the map with a near zone and a secret spot for a final zone to expand into. from there, if you’re the defending team, you can choose whether to play defensively and try to keep the invading teams’ final zone a secret, or you can turn and get a final zone that will determine the battle. in this way, the two teams can choose how to play the match, but the outcome is essentially inevitable, like most battles. should one team land at least two zones, or capture any three zones, then the other team will go down as they go down.

the above strategy is fine in terms of battlefield balance, but to tell a story-driven game, you need to be able to provide your player and the viewer with some kind of story at the mid-to-end of the match. land grab mode utilizes a feature that we can only do in mtb called bonus rounds. these rounds are created specifically to tell a story that you couldn’t otherwise tell.

the first bonus round is called bonus round 1. it can be considered a prequel to the entire match, as a bonus round will always be adjacent to the first capture zone in a match. in a “normal” game of land grab, the first capture zone will spawn on round 2, then round 3, then after round 3, the zone extenders will start to spawn and then it’s off to round 4, and so on.

the matchs of oddball are also less eventful once you settle into the flow of it and the potential for a single perfectly executed kill is a real pipe dream unless you’re chasing the monster into a tight corner or one of your buddies start to give out the giggles .
three deaths spawn as you get hit by the monster. what’s funny is when you die and the skull pops out, it spawns as a super if you haven’t activated it with a point. from there you can keep playing using your super, but it starts shrinking the gap between you and the monster, so you’d better get on it before it shrinks too far, or you’ll be so there.
this is partly/probably the result of a few variously funny things. first, it’s likely that because of the big change in this mode, it wasn’t clear until patch day that the skull carrier is definitely the last boss in the game. second, the difference of this mode to oddball really isn’t that big -if your luck holds out, you could (but probably not should) plow through them just as quickly, although it’s still a bit more work.
each team gets one skull when they spawn, and you’re instructed to take one and walk it to the other end of the map, collecting any npc skulls along the way to minimize the losses caused by one or both teams. you can’t take the skull to the opposing team and simply use it there, either. it has to be taken to the opposite side of the map, where it’ll drop another skull, and so on. it’s interesting to note that skulls spawn naturally as they’re captured and are not given to you by any npc. each 5 points captured give you one skull, which spawns on the map.


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