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Gemini is an advanced multi-platform, standards compliant, messaging application with strong capabilities used to manage emails from multiple sources.
Gemini provides flexible filtering of messages and protection from junk mail, viruses and common breaches of netiquette featuring an attractive interface that is very very easy to use while hiding nothing from all the advanced users.
Additional features include message templates, auto-replies, support for multiple identities, HTML, IMAP, SSL, editing of stored messages, spell checking, syntax colouring and encryption/signing via integration with GnuPG.
Gemini now uses a Web2.0 style UI, with easy to use configuration that will fit on any desktop or laptop computer.
Gemini can run as either a server that manages local and remote accounts, or as a standalone client that you can use for browsing your email, or you can also use it as an imap client to use your email through POP3 or IMAP, or you can use the HTML editor to create or edit your own HTML formatted emails.
Gemini supports mutliple identities, you can have multiple email accounts (using imap or pop3), be it hotmail, yahoo, gmail, aim, msn etc, and you can use them to view your emails. You can also have one email address that you use for all your accounts, and you can also have multiple email addresses.
Gemini can also integrate into several platforms. It supports desktop applications like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Netscape, Webmail etc. Gemini also has a web based version, where you can view your messages from the web using either an inbuilt webmail viewer or you can use one of the several other webmail viewers available. Gemini can also be used on Android devices as a stand alone android client for email.

Send your files quickly and easily via an instant messaging application. With the advent of video chat programs, this is the perfect solution for sharing those videos with family and friends.

It’s a stand-alone software, so no installation is required.

– 3GB free storage, 1GB for free
– File storage
– 12 different identities
– Images, audio, video, document, links, calendars
– Secure and fast

Omniscient is a powerful and versatile program that works both as a simple file manager and as a file browser.
Your data are simply and securely stored. No backup and recovery

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KEYMACRO – You can send ANY keystrokes to ANY process, with ANY modifier keys, and by ANY account. Just like regular KEYDOWN, but does not open the control panel dialogs. Just like SETSCOPE does not do this. Works on all processes, even the foreground process.
Easy installation, no root, no running as an administrator

A text-based configuration tool that allows you to see and edit properties of many different devices that are connected to your system, including webcams, digital cameras, scanners, printers, and other wireless and wired network devices.
More than one user can edit the configuration at the same time.
You can save your settings and create a customized configuration on demand.
The interface can also be used to set basic preferences for each device you have.
No root required
The configuration tool runs as an ordinary application, without requiring administrator privileges and does not modify any of the system settings. All you need to do is to create and save a configuration file in the config subdirectory, located at the root of the application folder. You don’t even have to run the application to generate the configuration file, as this can be done from a different application without even launching the configuration tool.
The configuration tool can create a configuration file in.ini format, which you can use to distribute to other users of the system. In addition, it can write a configuration file to a FAT32 formatted USB memory stick.
Simple, easy-to-use GUI interface
The interface of the configuration tool is designed to be as simple as possible, without compromising the functionality. It provides you with a list of your connected devices, which can be used to perform one of the following operations:
Set preferences for each device.
Modify basic properties for each device.
Modify device settings (such as scheduling and DPI).

Adobe Premiere Clip is a powerful digital video editor for Windows PCs, designed to quickly and easily bring your home movies and music videos to life.
It is designed to be a complete solution for cutting, adding titles and special effects to your digital videos and audio files, while you’re ready to record new material.
It provides several tools that allow you to quickly and easily trim your videos, use transitions, add special effects to your clips, change the speed of a video, add music to your projects, and a ton of other features that make it a perfect tool for home video production.
Access multiple video formats, including AVI, MPEG

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Designed to be able to generate quick shortcuts for any location on your computer, QuickJump is a small, portable application that can help you create shortcuts for various locations or items on your computer and place them within a context menu so that you can access them without great efforts.
No installation required
Since this is a portable app, you don’t need to perform any setup process in order to deploy the application to the target computer, as simply launching its executable grants you full access to its entire array of functions.
Furthermore, it can be copied to and launched from removable storage media such as USB flash drives or external HDDs, won’t tamper with any of your Windows registries and won’t create additional files or folders on your computer.
Simplistic interface
The application doesn’t come with a standard interface that provides you with traditional menus or buttons, but it actually is a context-like menu with no additional or hidden controls.
You can only access the interface mentioned above by launching the executable. However, since it acts like a menu, clicking anywhere else on the screen will close the application along with the menu-like interface.
Access various locations and files from your PC
QuickJump provides you with quick access to any location or item on your PC by creating entries in its menu interface and letting you navigate to them quickly at the press of a button.
In order to create an entry in the menu, you must create shortcuts to the executables and move them to the root folder of the application. On the same principle, creating a folder in the menu lets you quickly navigate to its location. There are a series of additional functions that can be used by assigning additional parameters to the executable, as instructed by the text document inside the root folder.
Lightweight app that lets you access locations and items on your computer in no time
To sum it up, QuickJump is a handy application that can help you put your desired locations and on from your computer at your fingertips by creating entries in a menu, which can be easily accessed by launching the executable. It requires no installation and doesn’t provide you with a standard interface, but can be understood and operated by a wide range of users.

By accessing all items in your computer and creating shortcuts to them, the application QuickJump will help you keep track of the contents of your computer, organize them, and make them more manageable. In particular, the application enables you to create shortcuts for various locations or items on your computer and place them within a context

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Full version of PlayFreeTV is a full featured and easy-to-use app for Android to download movies and series for free and watch them online without a subscription. It’s available in different languages and supports multiple playback modes.

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Experience the best of both worlds: the convenience of easy-to-use software and the premium service of popular streaming services. No need to worry about subscription changes, cable TV package changes, or live TV cancellations.

We bring the best service and the best software together and this app is made to keep your connection uninterrupted and free from buffering.

Full version of PlayFreeTV is available to Premium Members only, non-members have limited content available for free (chapters).

Recommended: If you prefer watching on a big screen TV (1080p), we recommend the Premium Member Plan, or if you have a device with a small screen (720p), try the Free Version.

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Troubleshooting: If you are having trouble watching or downloading content from the site, please check the following:
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– Clear the cache of your device to make sure that there aren’t any buffering problems.
If this does not solve the issue, contact support and provide your device model and date of purchase to assist with a diagnosis.

– The app might not have sufficient permissions to download (or there might not be any content available to download)
– Your phone


System Requirements:

• Internet Explorer (10.0.x) and above
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• Minimum 2 GB free disk space
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• MicroSD (SDHC) card with minimum 256 MB memory
• Android (4.0.x) or iOS (7.x) mobile device
• Android 5.x (5.x) or iOS 8.x (8.x) mobile device
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