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Saturday, May 10, 2014


I had a story draft that was supposed to be posted last week and can’t find it…which I thought was a shame and, frankly, strange. I went into full-on psychotherapy, in the wake of a business trip to New York, where I thought the whole world was against me, especially the media. Mind you, I’d just been warned off by my boss, just before I left on that last trip, that media reviews were not going well. I was told that they were ignoring me and that it would be a long slog.

So, I was feeling so down and my business is that I was getting several hours of sleep per night and drinking too much in an effort to elevate my mood, because I was so down. Anyway, I guess it worked and I’m here today, kicking ass (or at least, trying to).

So, I was completely caught off guard this week when I looked at the Finance and Commerce article that I thought was going to be published on Monday and it turns out that the editors felt that it was too silly. They were kind


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