Raphael Mazzucco Culo Book Pdf 17 🔼

Raphael Mazzucco Culo Book Pdf 17 🔼


Raphael Mazzucco Culo Book Pdf 17

the book culo by mazzucco also features interviews with mazzuccos adult friends, celebs, and a variety of voices from the worlds of literature, art, music, fashion, politics, religion, culture and spirituality, that share their opinion on the artist and the beauty of the backside. this is one book that we could all flip through with our girlfriends, and we wouldnt be embarrassed.

designed by marcas a. goodwin and printed in collaboration with gemini studios in connecticut, culo by mazzucco is an artistic and editorial collaboration between interscope geffen a&m chairman jimmy iovine, sean diddy combs, artist raphael mazzucco, and book designer jimmy livingston. mazzucco is represented by gemini fine arts. culo by mazzucco is published by gemini fine arts and released on august 1, 2012 in the united states.

in culo, iovine and mazzucco explore elements of the female body to explore sexuality and sensuality, from images of women in paint – using parts of women such as arms, legs, and feet- to the frontal, triangle-shaped asses or the circular navel, which pulls the whole body together. the book will also feature unclothed pictures of women where they are the only subject matter on the page. furthermore, it features the use of helvetica to lend the images an old-fashioned look. the book was made possible by funding from the film foundation, arts alliance, obie, the clore foundation, v foundation for cancer research, and many other organizations.

chelsea, the goddess. one of my favourites. she was wilder than i, and was one of the first women who understood that beauty is not just a beauty pageant or a magazine. she was still very feminine, and people in general wouldn t accept that.the people in her circle didnt know how to respect a woman, so they called her crazy. and that made her more iconic. we start with a study of greece and rome, where women were revered for their wisdom and strength. we then explore the middle ages, and the influence of islamic culture, which permeated through the west. we see how aristocratic women were dressed and held themselves differently. much of this is reflected in women from later periods such as grace kelly and audrey hepburn, who kept their classic feminine beauty.

the book is an artistic photograph of the female body. i want to get everyone talking about something beautiful. i want to get people to talk about beauty. beauty is in everything. it doesnt have to be something you see every day. beauty is everywhere. its in the world. its in the stars. its in your heart. it’s all around us. its something you cant see. its something that makes you notice things more. and thats why i decided to put this beauty on full display.
this is a unique book. it’s the first time that i have ever seen a book that presents the beauty of the human body. thats why its so important for me to have worked with such an incredible person as jimmy lovine and sean diddy combs. theyre both the executive editors, and they are the brains behind the book. theyve done so much for me and theyve helped me to make the book that i have always dreamed of making.
ive been doing what ive been doing for so long, but i wasnt aware of what theres to be done. and thats what i needed – someone who could help me make the book that i wanted to make. these guys are the kind of people who really understand what i was trying to do, and they told me: youll never make a book like this if you dont make it more than a fashion book. they were very important to me. they helped me so much. they really understood what i was trying to do. they said: its not enough to photograph the backside of a beautiful woman. but you have to go beyond that. you have to explore the world of the woman. and thats what i did. i wanted to explore the world of a woman, through fashion. i wanted to explore the world of the woman, and not just by putting women in high heels and doing a fashion shoot. thats not what i wanted to do. i wanted to explore the woman through fashion, and i wanted to explore how women see each other.


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