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The Incas are known to have had a highly developed technology for stringing things together and a near professional level of abilities in the fine arts. It was in fact the Incas who first developed a form of writing in Latin, or at least became the first to write the alphabet in their own language. Some scholars have claimed that the Inca language is related to the Mayan language, but there is still little evidence for this. The Inca did create an alphabet but not one that required writing.

Many of these numbers, however, had to be stripped of their values. There are only so many grains of sand in the world, so there are some rows of numbers that would just take you back to a huge number if you tried to read them.
There’s no recording of King David’s birth date, therefore it’s impossible for any mathematical instrument to calculate the day, month and year of his birth, but King David’s birth date can be determined through the Biblical record

The number 74,500 has no obvious significance, but if you convert that number to thousands, it reveals a value of 417
The number 74,500 has no obvious significance, but if you convert that number to thousands, it reveals a value of 417

Medrano had run up a list of over 300 possible birth years for King David and the calculations showed that just 29 were good options.

In all, Medrano and Urton managed to identify 11 individuals in the khipu records who had a matching birth date of David to the year of his birth recorded in the Bible. A brief look at the family trees of these people, and it turned out that eight of them were family members of King David. It also seemed that the khipu recorders had an interest in King David’s family.

The Khipu Puzzle
The khipu data has been compared to a web page, where each family member’s clan (or group of individuals with a shared family background) has a square. The web page represents the cluster of family members. The big black squares represent the individuals who are the ancestors of King David, the black dots represent the individuals who are the direct descendants of King David. Now, if you look closely at the image below, you can see that in a cluster of seven family members, four have darkened squares in their family squares, meaning that they’re descendants of King David,

Heroes of Science

Manny Medrano shared his thoughts on David’s hidden treasure

Secrets of a cryptographer

Finding the treasures of hidden-a-r-y is not an easy task. In the case of David, however, the answer is due to somebody special: Arturo Magdaleno. Since 1996, Magdaleno has uncovered the real identity of King David and revealed the secret messages hidden in each one of the khipu records. He compared the khipu data to the ancient Spanish and New Testament records, and he uncovered the mysteries of David’s hidden treasure.
“The material presented in this paper presents a plausible solution to the decades-old puzzle, namely:’who is King David ‘?. The reasons are as follows. First, a close reading of the text in the book of Samuel, only reveals the fact that David was the son of Jesse of the tribe of Benjamin. However, there is no proof of the names of David’s parents as given in the Book of Chronicles.

“Jesse,” and his wives and the four names of his sons, listed in the second chapter of 1 Chronicles 1 were not found in Samuel 1.

before those people, there had been others. three centuries before the inca, between 1200 bc and 1200 bc, an unknown semitic people called the amorites were at war with the hittites in the region of what is now iraq. the amorites were the inventors of cuneiform, a form of writing that is used to this day. but about half their writings have not survived. it is possible that many of them were solved after the spanish conquest. the code-breaker who cracked the original top-secret paper was a priest called khonsu. he was said to have been educated in the temple of amun in thebes, egypt.
but the amorites were a long way from home. the next great code cracker was a priest called lehi of jerusalem. in the third century bc, he was living in a small town called eglon in the holy land. eglon was the capital of a palestinian region called samaria, which is now part of the modern country of israel. among the stonework of the templum ammone – the temple of ammon, in eglon – lehi’s code revealed a secret message. it was an agreement between a local ruler and a neighbouring ruler that spelled out how the two would divide up the land between them. but the message was written on an altar stone, not on parchment. if lehi hadn’t read it he wouldn’t have known what he had cracked.
the next great code cracker lived in a different time. the breakthrough occurred in may 1739. it was a saturday. the culprit was a priest called solomon. he was a well-educated man. in fact, he knew a lot about a great number of subjects. he knew the law, astronomy, philosophy, medicine, chemistry, philosophy of history, philosophy of language, and lots more.

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