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“Elden Ring” is a free-to-play fantasy action RPG game that was released for the Android platform on July 2, 2016. In the game, you play the role of a Tarnished, an adventurer destined to become the lord of an Elden hall. The story is set in the Lands Between, the place where the world of the Elden Order lies. The Lands Between consists of three islands: Eden, Eden’s Twilight, and the Settlement of the Elden Order.
• “Elden Ring” is a Free-to-Play Fantasy Action RPG Game.
◆ Can Play “Elden Ring”
The game can be played for free, and there are no restrictions on playing time or in-game items. You can enjoy the game with the basic equipment your character was created with, but if you want to go further in the game, you can either purchase in-game items from the Royal City or use the Royal Crown Points in-game currency.
◆ Can Play Together
You can enjoy the game together with your friend online. The game is designed to be played with your friend by connecting multiple devices. However, it is possible for other users to connect to your device and leave messages, drawings and coupons. There are no communication fees or charges.
◆ Can Complete Missions Together
By completing quests and conquering monsters together with your friends, you can achieve your quest’s task together.
◆ Quick Access
• The Game’s Online Characters can be communicated with
In the game, you can communicate with your friends or online characters by updating the status and exchanging gifts.
• You can enter other players’ worlds in the game
You can enter other players’ worlds by purchasing other players’ PCs.
• The communication function can be used even after the game is finished
You can communicate with your friends or online characters even after the game is over.
◆ Contains a Clear Ranking System and the “Ragnarok” Event
The ranking system and “Ragnarok” event were added in order to encourage you to play the game without worrying about losing progress.
◆ Contains Fun, Intuitive Interface
In addition to the advanced features that the game offers, the game maintains a simple and intuitive interface. It has been designed to be simple enough for inexperienced users to use while providing a comfortable play experience for more experienced users.
◆ All


Features Key:

  • Your own customized Land• Explore a wide world based on the myth of Elden, where you will fully experience the thrill of adventure.• Inundate yourself in countless elven adventures!• Unique effects such as King’s Stela have been added!• Reverberation and destruction of dungeons continue with new features such as different heroes and tactics!
    • Players finally have their own quest log where their own journey through the Lands Between will be recorded.• Create your own avatar!• Fight with NPC units and fulfill missions!

    Community features that should not be missed:

    • In depth discussions in the special “Game Corner” of the Discord channel: a whole gaming platform!
    • Moderate quality rooms where you can exchange more information!
    • The Way of the Elden Ring 3: new type of factions called “Faction Halls” that you can use to create your own battlefield.
    • Various in-depth discussions in the forums (FAQ, bug report, etc).

    Visit the official Elden Ring Global website at:

    Visit the official Elden Ring Facebook page at:

    Visit the official Elden Ring Discord page at:

    Visit the official Elden Ring Youtube channel at:

    Visit the official Elden Ring Twitter page at:


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    Elden Ring Incl Product Key (April-2022)

    The Old Continent of Fantasy
    The Lands Between are divided into two different portions. The land of Frostvale, where the citizens worship crystal as a god and drift in the clouds, The land of the light where dragons and humans unite, and the land of despond which has sunk into endless oblivion. The absolute power has three agents each.

    Lands Between Map
    We provide users with a universe that is rich in detail, allowing them to enjoy a truly vast open world.
    In the Lands Between, ice dragons can be found flying between the six major continents.
    Ice dragons flying in the Lands Between map
    • The Lands Between Central Continent
    Frostvale, the land of Northern light where the sun rises, is the central continent where a landscape of harsh frozen plains, majestic mountains, sprawling forests, and mysterious islets pockmarked by blood-red curses can be found.
    • The Lands Between Eastern Continent
    A mysterious, perilous continent shrouded in eternal night, littered with precious stones that bring forth dragons from its depths, and home to more than fifty gods.
    • The Lands Between Western Continent
    A continent of lush, seemingly endless rice fields and verdant lands. This is the paradise of the dwarves.
    • The Lands Between Northern Continent
    The ice dragon originates from this cold, snowy land.
    A navigation card for the map in the Lands Between
    • THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    The Lands Between Map
    The continent map in the game is meant to reveal the world map and be a navigation tool that connects to other games.
    • Connect to Other Games
    You can connect to other games that have been confirmed to connect to the Lands Between, including other AAA games and classic role-playing games by accessing a box in your inventory.
    • Map Types
    Continents, Knights, Counterelements, and Enemy Plots
    • Ships and Dragon Tails
    The boats and dragon tails are your allies that travel between worlds.
    8 Navigation Panel
    Traveling between different continents allows you to travel the world by flying on boats and by riding dragons.
    8 Navigation Panel
    You can jump to the enemy continent by accessing the box in your inventory.
    8 Navigation Panel
    Capturing the enemy continent provides a box in your inventory.
    8 Navigation Panel
    Accessing the box in your inventory lets you connect


    What’s new:

    More information will be available once the game is released.

    In-game information and sales contents*
    *September 13, 2019-October 19, 2019, only in Version 2.0 (final release)

    Price(RRP, including tax)

    8,200,000 (-0.6%)
    13,214,000 (-7.6%)

    Price(IT, including tax)

    17,710,000 (-6.1%)
    26,321,000 (-9.8%)

    Price(JPN, including tax)

    12,158,000 (-10.7%)
    20,039,000 (-18.8%)

    Total retail sales

    75,236,000 9,129,000 (-13.1%)

    ※We will confirm the actual data during the lifetime of the campaign. Please understand the contents as per information.

    NOTE: Prices and content are subject to change

    Recent news and information related to the game


    The latest pre-registration flyer was uploaded.


    The latest pre-registration flyer was uploaded.


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