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SnapTimePro is probably one of the most flexible and useful Digital Stopwatch programs available for Windows computers. You can change the timing resolution at any time (selectable between 1/100 second and 1 second). The application includes cycle-rate (cycles/second and seconds/cycle) and speed (kph or mph) measurement modules.
SnapTimePro has the ability to ‘snap’ (capture) the time at any moment (like the split/lap control of a conventional stopwatch). Automatic assignment of percentage weights to captured times – these weights continuously adjust as new times are recorded.
In the SnapTimePro Report, you can add a comment to each snapped time to indicate what the time means. This can be done at any stage – as each time is snapped, or afterwards. You can also mark which times you would like excluded from calculations. You can ‘rewind’ the stopwatch back or ‘fast-forward’ the time, and begin timing from that point.
When you do this, the timing results already in the SnapTimePro Report automatically adjust. Automatic calculation of shortest, longest and average time gaps. Extensive reporting capabilities – you can produce a CSV textfile of the raw timing data, a document-like, formatted textfile of the timing results, or a formatted Word document of the timing results. You can save and load Timing Sessions.
User-definable system-wide hotkeys – instead of using the mouse, you can start, stop, reset the stopwatch, snap the time and invoke the SnapTimePro menu from within any other application by means of keyboard hotkeys of your choice, even if the main SnapTimePro Control Panel is not visible.
Control over mouse response – if you use the mouse to start, stop and reset the stopwatch, and to snap times, SnapTimePro lets you decide whether the controls should activate as you press the mouse button down, or as you release the mouse button. Control over Display appearance, transparency and positioning – you can adjust these at any stage.







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SnapTimePro Crack For Windows is a simple and highly-useful Digital Stopwatch application. It has the features of a conventional stopwatch and a convenient and versatile time calculation engine.
This Digital Stopwatch supports 18 (18!) time resolution levels (1/100 second to 1 second). The timing resolutions can be set as often as required (for example, the time it takes a car to pass a given point can be calculated in meters/kilometers/mph/kph or simply in seconds).
In the ‘Time Snap’ mode, the stopwatch includes both simple’snap’ (record) and ‘cycle’ (control) functions. You can start and stop the timer with the mouse button as you normally would. You can snap times to a 1/100 second, 1/1000 second, 1/10,000 second or any other interval. You can also snap time during the time-period of which you are monitoring. This is useful when using the stopwatch to measure, for example, the lap-time in a race. You can use the application as a conventional stopwatch without regard for any of the other functions.
In addition to cycle-rate and speed measurement, SnapTimePro provides three measurements based on each time period measured. These are ‘Longest’, ‘Shortest’ and ‘Average’ time. You can see the summary of each time recorded, and, for any time, a number indicating what percentage it represents of the total time. The calculations are performed on the complete data-set of all available data. The ‘Longest’ and ‘Shortest’ time-results are calculated before the summation is performed, while the ‘Average’ time-result is calculated after the summation.


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Download and install SnapTimePro

SnapTimePro (SnapTimePro 3.0 – 1.23.2011, Only for SnapTimePro 3.0! – SnapTimePro 3.1 and higher! – Updates, including SnapTimePro Pro) ist just an advanced stopwatch program, but it has a number of additional capabilities. It can use both a real (analog) and an LCD (digital) watch as a timing device, and it can connect to your computer via USB. It supports a number of standard watch formats, such as: Standard Time – SMR (Seiko); Binary-Division Time (20/2

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* Snap the time at any moment (like the split/lap control of a conventional stopwatch).

* Automatic assignment of percentage weights to snapped times – these continuously adjust as new times are recorded.

* Support for’snap mode’ and ‘Lap-Time’ display modes.

*’rewind’, ‘fast-forward’,’start-time’ and’stop-time’ (normal mode) hotkeys.

* User-definable system-wide hotkeys (including Save/Load/Open Settings).

* Option to have the program try to locate the mouse cursor position when starting the stopwatch.

* Customize the main program window appearance, position and transparency.

* Filters for displaying only the time, the elapsed time, and the name of the active timer.

* Styles and effects for displaying the elapsed time, name of the active timer, and the ‘lap-time’ display.

* ‘lap-time’ display functions, for displaying only the elapsed time and the lap-time.

* ‘lap-rate’ and ‘lap-time’ display modes.

* ‘lap-rate’ display functions.

* ‘time-reset’ hotkey.

* ‘lap-reset’ hotkey.

* ‘lap-reset-and-time-reset’ hotkey.

* ‘lap-reset-and-time-reset-fast’ hotkey.

* Customize the program menu appearance, position and transparency.

* Display of elapsed-time total and current lap-time.

* Display of time and elapsed-time totals and the ‘lap-time’ display mode.

* Display of elapsed-time and lap-time totals and the ‘lap-rate’ display mode.

* Display of elapsed-time and lap-time totals, the current lap-time and lap-rate, and the ‘lap-time’ display mode.

* Support for ‘laps’ (number of laps).

* Support for ‘time-reset’ and ‘lap-reset’ hotkeys.

* Support for ‘lap-reset-and-time-reset’ hotkey.

* Support for ‘lap-reset-and-time-reset-fast’ hotkey.

* Support for ‘lap-reset-and-time-reset-fast’ hotkey.


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The SnapTimePro program is the new and improved version of the classic SnapTime application. An application built for advanced users looking to tweak and monitor timing and time-related performance and trends in real time.
Instantly snap time, speed and calculate speed and time durations to the highest precision, toggle between cycle and second and switch between analog and digital styles.
Real-time display of elapsed time and valid timing can be adjusted by the user at any time for maximum accuracy. System wide hot keys to start/stop/reset the stopwatch, snap time and open the main SnapTimePro menu.
SnapTimePro can also be customized to produce a detailed report of timing results, including exclusion of unwanted times.
SnapTimePro supports the use of multiple layouts to customize both the display and format of the timing results.
Improved Open File dialog to save multiple timing sessions at the same time.
New snap-time indicator (yellow).
Improved view options for cycling rate and speed.
Option to set layout based on project.
Option to set layout based on filetype.
SnapTimePro General Features:
Over 250 time and speed algorithms of the highest precision
Control over mouse response
Display transparency settings
Display modes – Analog (0 – 255), Analog On/Off (0 – 255), Window, High contrast text, High contrast
Styles – Day, night, automatic, dark, light
Mouse control preferences – start, stop, reset, snap, and main menu hotkeys
Preview | Show elapsed time only
Convert between decimal (0 – 255) and multiples of 10
Text box and/or analog gauge reporting mode (use our dot counting tools)
Save current settings to a SnapTimePro file for future use
Export timing results in multiple formats (csv, xls, xlsx, md, html)
Export timing results in word or pdf format (report builder – add a comment column for notes)
Format to show only values over the threshold
Export from multiple layouts (full multi-format, or only the last use)
Save and load session on exit
Timer countdown to 0 from specified time (or current time)
Save and load session on exit
Timer countdown to 0 from specified time (or current time)
Timer countdown to 0 on exit
Skip to the next/previous preset
Skip to the next or previous preset while cycling
Support for string input on dialog/timers
Save configuration when exiting
Export the geometry of the timer

What’s New In?

SnapTimePro is the modern incarnation of venerable Digital Stopwatch, which was my first stopwatch program for the Amiga, and later for MS-DOS. Unlike Digital Stopwatch, SnapTimePro was developed using the modern, multi-platform technology of the.NET framework, so it will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers without modification.
SnapTimePro also supports the’speed-timing’ concept introduced in Digital Stopwatch and allows you to (in the program menu) measure speed in relation to cycle rate (or fractions thereof), and as such, is far more precise than Digital Stopwatch – which was purely a cycle-rate timer.
SnapTimePro is able to start, stop and reset the stopwatch at any time, exactly like Digital Stopwatch. You can also snap the time.
SnapTimePro uses the same measurement system as Digital Stopwatch, namely ‘zones’, to measure’starts’, ‘lap/cycle’, ‘1 lap’, ‘x laps’ and ‘time gained’ in relation to cycle rate, and’starts’, ‘beats’,’seconds/cycle’ and ‘cycles/second’ in relation to speed (in Kph or MPH).
You can save and load SnapTimePro sessions and they automatically adjust their timing calculations to account for the differences in your current system clock. SnapTimePro also supports cycling between sessions.
You can view the recording results at any time, see the results in a file or report, print the results or export them to text format. You can also create your own CSV text files (used by many spreadsheets), Excel spreadsheet tables or HTML forms of the data.
SnapTimePro includes a graphical report builder, which allows you to add comments to the stops you make, as well as to indicate which values should not be taken into account when calculating averages, etc.
All the capabilities of the original Digital Stopwatch are supported, plus much more, including detailed per-timing-zone reports, a report of your system power consumption, and the ability to start, stop and reset the stopwatch from any application. SnapTimePro has drag-and-drop support for Microsoft Excel documents, and many other applications are supported, too.
SnapTimePro gives you the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to perform all the tasks that a mouse can do, while still allowing you to use your mouse to perform snap functions (for example, to draw an arrow pointer to the position of a record on the report).

System Requirements For SnapTimePro:

OS: Windows 10 or later,
Windows 10 or later, Processor: Intel i5-4590 3.2GHz or AMD FX-6300 4.0GHz or higher,
Intel i5-4590 3.2GHz or AMD FX-6300 4.0GHz or higher, Memory: 16GB RAM
16GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GTX 760 2GB or AMD R9 290 4GB or higher
Nvidia GTX 760 2GB or AMD R9 290 4GB or higher DirectX: Version 11

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