SONiVOX Sampla HipHop Sampler V.1.2 VSTi _BEST_ 📥

SONiVOX Sampla HipHop Sampler V.1.2 VSTi _BEST_ 📥


SONiVOX Sampla HipHop Sampler V.1.2 VSTi

SONiVOX’s Sonic FX libraries have been the go-to sound fx library since their release over 8 years ago. SONiVOX’s latest release for Sampla offers a depth of timbres and effects that has never before been available in a sampler. With the added ability to record MIDI sequences directly into Sampla you can now make your own non-stop drum loops or songs by simply recording MIDI from your MIDI keyboard. This raw percussion sounds library will give you some serious Jungle, House, Future Garage sounds and more.

SONiVOX’s Spider was built from the ground up for maximum control. With complete control over the sound and the continuous loop recording, you’ll have more freedom than ever to create a wide variety of amazing sounds. All the effects, harmony, and modulation are under your control.

As a happy owner of SONiVOX’s new Spider sampler, I have to say that it is one of the best samplers I have used. With constant looping, the ability to record contiguous rhythms, and all kinds of resonators and modulators, you can make any kind of sound.

SONiVOX Spider is the result of SONiVOX’s long-term goal of creating a versatile effects sampler that matches their goal of having all the power of a programmable sound engine at your fingertips. What it is, is a unique all-sampler with a continuous loop recorder, an entire effects chain, and dedicated modulation opportunities. With the continuous loop recording, you’re given complete control over everything from the sound of the timbre, the length of the sample, and the pitch. This sampler is an instrument that can make anything you want. Yo!”

Even better, you can also use your own recording hardware to record audio directly into Reaktor’s DAW and Save it with a simple button click! When it comes to recording audio for a track, you and the interface work together (or even in parallel) to capture your audio, and Reaktor will allow you to roll with the audio in real-time, allowing you to simple shift instruments, or simply adjust a setting to fine tune your record.


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