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Dead In Vinland is the first Auteur Art Game.
Made by 10 artists in 3 months.

As a technique for visualization of the emotional impact of sound on public space, Déjà-vu envisions the sound world as a moving space, a manipulated one, in which music can exist as a variable and crossing space time.

Déjà-vu is a project realized by the team of the Sound Art Collective, whose core is the Sporobole Art, Sound and Event Studio.

Déjà-vu builds up on a platform conceived by the Collective, Sporobole, a linear loudspeaker system installed in and along the facade of the Art Centre.

The program of recorded music includes works by the artists Benjamin Roman, Mathieu Chappat and Yann Delisle, Sonorobole’s creative partner.Q:

Accessing LiveData object in view from fragment

I have an activity which contains a fragment. When a user clicks on a specific button, I want the fragment to be replaced with another fragment in which I can access the LiveData object
The issue
I can’t seem to access the liveData object in the fragment. The code below doesn’t work:
MyFragment fragment = new MyFragment();
Binding> binding = BINDING.liveData(LiveData.class, LiveData.EXTRA_KEY);
binding.setVariable(viewLifecycleOwner, lifecycleEventManager);
fragment.setVariable(binding, true);
getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction().replace(, fragment).commit();

// If I replace this line with the following, it does work
LiveData livedata = fragment.getVariable(binding);

class ViewModel : ViewModel() {

var db: LiveData? = null

class MyFragment : Fragment(), ViewModelProvider.Factory {

override fun onCreateView(inflater: LayoutInflater, container: ViewGroup?, savedInstanceState: Bundle?): View? {
viewLifecycleOwner.setVariable(BR.liveData, ViewModelProvider.get(this).get(LiveData::


Stunt Kite Masters VR Features Key:

  • Brand new maps
  • Scales well on MP
  • Two new game modes
  • Easy/Mod.


  • To install, make sure you select C:\ drives
  • After installation you will need to select your backup folder.
  • Includes all maps (generated by me), all map packs (I only included a few), and
  • any game mode customisation files.


  • Atlas Server Link – >
  • YouTube- Ace Rapper
  • Steam group – AceRapper
  • Game servers –
  • Comments – >
  • Twitter – >
  • GTA Forums – >
  • Facebook – >
  • Dev tools – >


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Welcome to the world of Drone Swarm, a third-person sci-fi strategy game where your goal is to build a system of drones, nano-bots and aerial weapons and use them to eliminate the alien infestation.
Fight through three brand new zones with their own epic bosses, each inspired by the best sci-fi movies, including the Revenant, Alien and Star Wars.

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You get 5,000,000 and you’re happy, and you’ll keep playing to win.

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The developer is the smartest man in the world. The gameplay mechanics are elegant, the graphics are outstanding, and he is also a mathematician, and all of this together makes “2048” be so addictive and engaging. A game that you cannot put down.

The game created by the Chinese company HaoJian Technology Co., Ltd. is now the third most played game on the planet!

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-Difficulty: Easy-Map Size: Medium-Download Crash Race: (just press on the Downloads button in the menu and a zip file will be downloaded, extract it anywhere and then play Crash Race. You will find Crash Race in the list of games.)

You’re a race car driver.You’re going to drive a racing car on a race track.The challenge is to go faster and faster and better and better.If you crash then you lose.But when you crash, the other drivers also lose.You must outrun them.You must crash them, crash their cars, crash their lives and crash their engines.

If you win you’ll get a gold medal.If you lose you’ll get a silver medal.If you crash but survive, you’ll get a bronze medal.

You can win multiple gold medals in a row.You can also win in a multi player mode.

This program has two ways of playing.You can play the game in the debugger mode.The debugger mode will allow you to inspect your race car and can help you understand the game.You can also play the game without any interruptions.In that mode, you need to be alert because your car has no brakes and no accelerator.

This mode can also be turned off by clicking on the “Window/Fullscreen” button in the bottom right corner.

Play the game in the debugger mode. This mode will allow you to inspect your car, without any interruptions.You can also play this game without any interruptions by pressing on the “Play/Debug” button.

The big choice will be whether to play in the debugger mode or in the normal mode.The first time you start a race in the debugger mode, the option to change the game type will appear.If you choose “Debug”, then you’ll play a game in the debugger mode.When you’re in the debugger mode, you can press “C” to control your car.This will allow you to choose your type of car, speed, grip on the ground, and other options.

You must use the “C” key to control your car.The “S” key will give you a speed boost.The “Space” key will launch you into the air.The “X” key will slow down your car.The “B” key will set the brakes.The “L” key will start your car.

If you want to play the game in the debugger mode,


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