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Thanks to .Destiny 2: Unveiled at E3 2017

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A new trailer has been released that shares a little more detail of Destiny 2. This time around we get a look at the new gameplay mechanics of the Raid and Crucible. We also see live play on stage as the voice acting team discusses their experience.

Introducing the Raid and Crucible

There are two new gameplay modes at the heart of Destiny 2’s gameplay. The “Last City on Earth” Raid, formerly known as the “Nexus” Raid, is a series of four scaled-down strikes that you go through in sequential order to complete.

A mission will start by having the player choose one of the four Guardians (players) for their team. Each strike is available to play twice, in specific order.

The Crucible is a competitive mode where you earn XP and Vex weapons by engaging the enemy in a multiplayer match. The more XP you gain, the more Vex weapons you unlock.

Voice Acting: The team behind Destiny 2

After the trailer was released, IGN asked the voice actor who plays the hero called the Hope, Veronica Belmont, to answer some questions about her experience in the game.

Being a huge fan of Destiny 1, Veronica Belmont was excited to join Destiny 2’s voice cast. On a personal level, she was excited for the opportunity to play as Vex — an online titan who is at the top of her profession — and to get to share these new experiences with her fans.

Veronica also revealed a bit more about her experience on the game’s production team. Check out her full interview below.

E3 2017 will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center starting on June 9. Bungie will be present with the latest details of Destiny 2, including the feature set in the game at E3 2017 and the upcoming free content


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