Tib E Unani Books In Urdu Free PATCHED Download 🟡

Tib E Unani Books In Urdu Free PATCHED Download 🟡


Tib E Unani Books In Urdu Free Download

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“tib” is the urdu transliteration of the word “tibb”, which itself is derived from “tibb-e-unani” or “the –unani” medical science. the word “tib” is used to refer to the system of medicine called “tibb” (or “unani”) in urdu. this system of medicine was introduced in the islamic world by al-razi (a.d 912) from persia.”

tib e unani is the great collection of medicine and the specialisation of medicine based on tib e unani. the books are written by eminent physicians like iqbal quraishi, shamsul nawaib and muhammad siraj.

the books cover entire subjects of medicine ranging from internal medicine to skin diseases to plastic surgery and so on. there are also topics of ayurvedic medicine like pachanabrith, vasantabrith, etc.

tib e unani books in urdu are written by some of the greatest unani physicians of 20th century. these books are helpful to know the great unani treatment techniques. we have posted all the books that are free to download. all the books are in pdf format and can be downloaded with an internet connection. all the books are in english and urdu, but there are books in different languages too.

Alaa ur Raha By Jayaprakash Muthuswami Pdf Free Download Alaa ur Raha book authored by Jayaprakash Muthuswami. This book is one of the most popular and popular Urdu book of traditional medicine (Unani-Tibb) written by him. This book contains various herbal, home remedies, Chinese medicine medicines, and remedies of a variety of diseases such as cough, fever, bleeding, weakness, and abdominal, and types of bacteria. The book is a large []
Sukhranti Sarswat By Hakeem Syed Ahmed Pdf Free Download Sukhruti Sarswat book authored by Hakeem Syed Ahmed Pdf Free Download. Sukhranti Sarswat is an important and valuable book of traditional medicine which has completed nearly 800 years old. The book is written with [90]
Badalon Ke Tib By Hakeem Syed Ahmed Pdf Free Download Badalon Ke Tib book authored by Hakeem Syed Ahmed Pdf Free Download. The present book is one of the most famous and most valuable Urdu book of Ayurveda and allopathic medicine which is written by Hakeem Syed Ahmed Pdf Free Download. The book is one of the most famous and best Urdu book on self cure and long time treatment of diseases with various home made treatments. Read in Urdu []
Healths Inspirations by Siddique Naser Pdf Free Download Healths Inspirations book of Siddique Naser. Health is not what we have when we are strong or young. It is what we have when we are weak and old. Health is more than a thing, it is a state of well being. The proper treatment of any medical condition is not so much of the doctor as it is of the patient. It is []
KhudaHafiz by Hazrat Syed Muhammad Khizruddin Qureshi Pdf Free Download KhudaHafiz book of Hazrat Syed Muhammad Khizruddin Qureshi. The health of a person depends on the condition of various body organs. Each of the body organs works well only when the whole system is in health. But it is a fact that some of the body organs may become weak due to various reasons like improper diet, insufficient exercise etc. of these weak organs []


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