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Windows allows you to take control of quite the variety of computer options. However, it can be a little difficult to manage the exact sections you need without any shortcuts. On the bright side of things, this is where specialized applications like Tooler come in handy, which can create shortcuts for a variety of functions.
Intuitive interface quickly gets you up and running
A cool thing about it is that you don’t even go through a setup process to make the program work, so you can put it to good use as soon as download is done. This also means you can carry it around on a USB flash drive in case you want to create such shortcuts on other computers. Registry entries are not altered during the process, so neither is the stability of the target PC.
A pretty compact window shows up on launch, and it’s all you need to work with. There are a couple of drop-down menus to work with, and in some cases you also have to adjust particular options, depending on the action of choice. At the press of a button, the application creates a desktop shortcut with the selected choice.
Various actions to choose from
In terms of location, the application can create a shortcut on the desktop, the Start Menu, or Programs Menu. Removal is easily done by deleting shortcuts you no longer need, and this doesn’t affect the stability of your computer.
As far as functions go, the application comes with a decent variety of computer actions to take. The drop-down menu reveals actions to set volume, shut down the PC, restart, turn off the monitor, toggle the state of the screensaver, eject the CD tray, or logoff.
To end with
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Tooler is a handy little application you can use to create desktop shortcuts of functions you can often use, but take a lot of time to trigger. It comes in a lightweight package, and removing shortcuts is simply done through the default delete process.

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*** Features ***
✓ 1-Click-Shortcuts
✓ Desktop, Start-menu, Programs-menu
✓ Always adds new-shortcuts, not shortcuts to existing files
✓ Will only set-paths and not save paths
✓ Does NOT create the shortcut but only sets the “create a shortcut”-checkbox
✓ Supports keyboard-shortcuts
✓ Restarts the computer in case the program failed to do that
✓ Auto-updates on demand
✓ In-application-configuration
✓ Removed shortcuts get automatically deleted
✓ No Root required
✓ Indicates possible errors by coloring of the buttons
✓ Erase Notifications
✓ No main-window, no way to quit
✓ Really easy to use with a step by step overview of the shortcut-creation
✓ No Log, no way to cancel. No exceptions.
✓ Works in Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32/64bit)
✓ Free of viruses
✓ Very light on system resources

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KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro recorder that is designed to record your keyboard presses, and replay them back in macro-mode. You can edit the macro-recording as well as edit/add/delete macros. You can also pause/play a macro from the status bar. This program is useful for recording and editing key sequences, and is especially great for people who need to use the computer in conjunction with a keyboard, such as when playing games, installing, or downloading software.
KEYMACRO is an excellent way to accelerate the installation process. You can use it to go through the installation of programs automatically, and it can even save you some time when it comes to copying and pasting data from one program to another.
Keyboard shortcuts can be extremely powerful if you know how to use them. If you need to perform certain actions automatically, you can use them. But if you are like most of the people, you often use them for executing actions in a specific order. If you want to speed up the process, you may need to record the shortcut sequences for later use.


The PC Benchmark Disk Speed Test is a very useful application designed to test and evaluate your PC’s performance. The application is able to provide a clear, organized and easy to follow overview of your PC’s current performance. It also lets you compare the speeds of your hardware and the software installed on your system. This application can save you a lot of time in finding out about your hardware and software settings, and when it comes to optimizing your system. You can easily run this application as long as you have at least 4GB of memory installed.

KeyMouse is a mouse/keyboard conversion utility that lets you use keyboard commands with your mouse. It also lets you run a mouse like a keyboard by rebinding mouse buttons, left and right, to the function keys and modifies your mouse buttons to be mouse buttons. This utility works on Win7, 8, Vista and XP.

KeyMouse 0.9.9

Bass Booster 2.5.0

Bass Booster is a free audio app for Windows, designed to modify music files for those with lossy audio compression, such as mp3, avi, wma or aac. It is intended to improve the audio quality and compression ratio of those files by adding some extra bass. The program will correct the position of the peaks in the waveforms and let

Tooler Crack Registration Code Download

Tooler is a utility for Windows 10 users that enables the creation of shortcuts to allow you to do various things on your computer.


DeJour is a powerful tool to organize your PC. Although it is primarily a file manager, it also enables you to create very sophisticated “virtual folders.”
Intuitive interface is simple and effective
A window pops up at launch, and it’s all you need to get started. There are 2 main menus for getting things done. From the left hand menu, you can add and manage virtual folders, or organize and share files. The right menu hosts the file manager, which is where you will spend most of your time.
You can search for a file, drag it to the left hand menu, or open it in DeJour from your file manager. If you choose the latter, DeJour then acts as a simple file manager and allows you to create virtual folders, move files and delete them. While it’s all very easy and intuitive to use, you have the ability to make your virtual folders extremely sophisticated. For example, you can put the file in the second folder, then add a folder to the third, and so on.
This way, files can be in separate folders, but you can still access them all in a single window. Furthermore, you can also access the contents of these folders by simply clicking on the first folder, and then clicking on the second folder, then clicking on the file. The functionality is similar to Windows Explorer.
You can also share files and folders via the cloud, but this requires another application.
A standalone file manager
While DeJour does have a file manager, it also comes with an application launcher. This is where you will spend most of your time. There is no need to wait for DeJour to complete its operations, as you can start using the application immediately after launch.
This is because DeJour isn’t a file manager, but a powerful application launcher. In addition to allowing you to perform file management, it also makes it possible for you to create virtual folders. Furthermore, you can also create shortcuts on the desktop, right click a file or folder, and select options such as “Show in the File Explorer.” You can also drag files to open them in other applications.
As far as performance goes, we have to admit that it’s all rather basic, but this makes it easy to use.

What’s New in the Tooler?

Create multiple access control lists (ACLs) and properties and filter them by groups and users.
Windows Shield is a software that enables you to protect your PC against malware attacks. It features a comprehensive data privacy that helps to keep your personal information safe from hackers.The package offers a multi-level access control of folders, programs, processes and even the system, and provides you with full control of all your data files.It provides you with the ability to create three separate permissions, which you can easily manage and update. You can set the access of each file/folder from the program interface, and filter and remove the properties of specified files/folders.Windows Shield has a two-way permission system, which allows you to set, remove or update permissions in the following ways:•You can assign permissions for a file or folder.•You can set the file/folder permissions for group, owner and everyone.•You can protect files/folders against deletion by system files.•You can protect files/folders against modification by system files.Windows Shield also has a smart data policy, which provides you with a broad range of applications that can be used to keep your data safe from hackers. Once you set a password, a scanner can be used to detect and remove viruses. The powerful tool can also block the access to your folders or data files.You can change the scanner settings, and customize various items. You can even pause, resume, cancel or continue the scanning process, so it’s all convenient to use.The good thing about Windows Shield is that you can easily install a license key, which means you won’t need to buy a product key separately. This is because you can use the Windows Shield license key on more than one PC.Windows Shield is a handy tool that can save your valuable data from hackers. It offers a two-way permission system and a safe scanner to detect and remove viruses. It also has a feature that can block the access to files/folders. You can easily change the settings to protect your data files.


The author of this program is very well-known among Windows users. In fact, you can find many similar tools available on the Internet. However, this tool is very safe and easy to use. You can keep your computer safe from the threats of malwares, viruses, and the like by the use of this software.
The use of this software is very simple. You can install the software on your system and it will automatically detect all infected files and will remove them. This process is easy to use and you can make changes to the settings.
You can view the technical details of all the program settings, and you can easily modify the settings. You can view the other features, and they are: • Remove files & folders • Filter and move files & folders •

System Requirements For Tooler:

– macOS 10.6 or later
– Intel Mac: Mid-2010 or newer (Mountain Lion recommended)
– 2GHz or faster processor
– 16GB or more of RAM
– A graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.1
– 2GB available space
– Monitor: 1024×768 or higher
– Microsoft Windows 7 or later (XP recommended)
– 2GB or more of RAM
– Display that supports OpenGL 2.1

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