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The Roland Dimension D is a famous peace of gear from 1979. A chorus which did not detune the signal too strong but gave it a 3-dimensional depth and wideness. These are still used in studios because of their easy use and good sound.
The VDIMENSION was developed to recreate that sound as a VST-plugin. It has the four presets plus modulation off. Input and/or output can be switched to mono.







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The presets are based on the classic Roland instruments: The Chorus and the Vibraslave. This is a ´´warm´´ sound but still clearly 3-dimensional.


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Here is a list of some of the features of the VDIMENSION Activation Code:

3-Dimensional chorus and vibraslave.
Chorus can be modulated.
Chorus feedback control.
Input and output can be mono or stereo.
Stereo and mono sources can be mixed.
The Chorus can be configured for a half-wave or full wave.

4 presets.
High-pass, band-pass, low-pass and notch filters.

VDIMENSION Crack Free Download Gives “Chorus”, “Vibraslave” and “Modulation” in one package. And that´s a lot of choruses and vibraslaves in one plugin. A great way to go on those projects when you have no chorus available.

VDIMENSION Serial Key is available in 2 formats: VST & AU

Good news to all VDIMENSION For Windows 10 Crack users.

Version 1.0.1 fixes a bug for some higher-res-presets.

This release does not include the full amount of presets (as already announced on my Facebook page) but only the new “HQ” presets. The reason is that there are still some QT host´s which don´t support these presets.

Today I´m proud to announce the release of VDIMENSION 0.8.x.
I´ve been working hard on this update and have included a new object (VST4 plugin), presets for a software synthesizer and an improved GUI.

The feature new object is the Vibraslave.
This little object is based on the famous String Waves from the 80´s.
These waves have a completely new sound, they are now modern and sophisticated.
You can configure the frequency, the waveforms and the stereo spread of the Vibraslave.


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PCM-Stereo, Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz (16 bits), Input & Output: PCM Stereo
1. Velocity (sensitivity to output): Is decreased (harder) or increased (faster)
2. Amplitude (sensitivity to output): Is decreased (harder) or increased (faster)
3. Relative Width: Damping (dampening effect) is decreased (harder) or increased (faster)
4. Feedback (degree of transparency in sound): Is increased (faster) or decreased (harder)
5. Decay Time: Is decreased (harder) or increased (faster)
1. Out Off (out/off): Is changed the sample rate (decay time).
2. High/Low Cutoff (low/high cutoff): Is changed the attenuation rate.
3. Resonance (Resonance): Is decreased (harder) or increased (faster)
4. Resonance: Is decreased (harder) or increased (faster)
5. Resonance (wide): Is decreased (harder) or increased (faster)
6. Resonance (dry): Is decreased (harder) or increased (faster)

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VDIMENSION Crack Activation Code

The Dimension V has a handbuilt AD/DA converter so the sound is the same as the Roland Dimension D.
The input can have different voltages, so you can mix 2 or 3 channels in the plugin.
You can go to mono as well as to stereo.
The JXR series is a series of converters which are compatible with the VDIMENSION and the SH-02 VSTi Plug-in for Reason.
Keyboard voice:
The input level can be set to a fixed level
The output level can be set to the sum of both inputs.
The switching happens immediately when you change the input level.
But you can also use the keyboard voice to switch to a higher or lower input level.
If you use this version you will get more channels in the plugin if you plug in the jxr units.
Let’s talk about the function keys.
The function keys g 1 to g 8 are used for modulatation of input and output signals
In this example we have a stereo input.
We want to modulate the output level in order to create a stereo effect.
Input and Output are switched.
A is the left channel, B is the right channel.
The scale we chose is from -60db to +60db.
Now we want to modulate the output level.
The – – means that the level changes from a maximum to a minimum (minus)
The – + means that the level changes from a minimum to a maximum (plus)
Now we can modulate the input level.
If we want to invert the modulation, we have to switch the sign (minus to plus and plus to minus).
The output level is set to the sum of both inputs.
In this example the output level is equal to the sum of both inputs.
If you use the keyboard voice, all the changes happen immediately.
You can use the keyboard voice to switch between different input channels as well.
You can switch between a mono input, a stereo input, two mono inputs or two stereo inputs.
You can even turn on the module “in” and the module “out” for one channel or the other.
Here is the modulatation for both channels.
If you use the keyboard voice, then you have to turn off the conversion to make the module mono.
Use the keyboard voice to switch between the scale.
Switch the input channels.
Switch the output

What’s New in the?

VDIMENSION is a VST plugin which replicates the chorus effect (Roland dimension D), one of the most famous effects ever made.
Chorus was first used in the 70’s on Space Age pop records. The term “chorus” actually means more than just “chording” of the same notes. The spacing between the stereo-chords is critical in this effect.
Chorus is a natural sounding effect, but may cause overloading of the mix when it’s too high on the sound pressure level meter. Therefore, in the case of tracks with many instruments, it may be better to use a chorus effect in a guitar amp.
VDIMENSION gives a good sound and provides the four presets you need to imitate a chorus effect.
– single band compressor.
– open gate (knob effect).
– adjustable frequency cut.
– velocity cut.
– low cut.
– bass knob (no effect).
– shift knob (influence).
– polyphony.
– MIDI output (including reverb.
VDIMENSION can be used as a boost / compressor with a digital filter.
Input and output is mono (switchable).
– Flat or natural.
The four presets of VDIMENSION are fixed. A check mark in the presets means the chosen parameter is already set to the desired value.
The amount of the effect can be modulated by a LFO.

How to use:
– Set the input and output to mono (if it’s not already set to mono).
– With the flat or natural mode, the user can control the compression. Set the desired ratio and amount of compression.
– With the edit, bass, shift, and LFO, the user can control the effect. Set the desired amount of the effect.
– With the key panning, the user can control the depth of the sound. Set the desired panning.
– Set the input and output to stereo.
– Set the frequency cut, velocity cut, LFO (loop gain).
– Set the ratio and amount of the compression.
– The user can assign MIDI notes to the key panning and LFO.
– Check the polyphony.
– Set the MIDI channel.
– Output to a mixer or other DAW.
Other features:
– Can be used as a compressor with a digital filter.
– Cascading effects.
– Detune (in a mono mode).
– Controls are for the users convenience.

Chorus presets:
– Mono:
1) Fabulous.
2) In my soul.
3) Love all men.
4) I know a little girl.
– Stereo:
1) In the high life.
2) Vocal meltdown.
3) The result of art.
4) I’ve got the taste

System Requirements:

Category Specs OS: Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP SP3
CPU: Intel i3-2100, i5-2300, i7-2600K, i7-3770K, i7-3820, i7-3930K, i7-3960X, i7-3980XE, i7-4170, i7-4790K, i7-7700K, i7-7720K, i7-7820X, i7-8


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