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Vercors Forest Cracked Version comes in as a clean and beautiful theme with a nice GUI design. It was designed to show off natural beauty of forest, city, lake and other nature scenes. The design is clean, yet very elegant. The GUI uses Windows 7 UI elements and features, but it doesn’t lose its light and clean looks.

Vercors Forest Cracked Version is one of the free themes that is available in the Atahualpa Repository
Vercors Forest 2022 Crack Installation:

Vercors Forest package includes:






Vercors Forest allows to customize your desktop view to the favorite one. If you want to know how to change desktop view, visit the following link:
Desktop View Change

Vercors Forest theme has been designed to be very clean and elegant, so it doesn’t take too much of your time to customize. You can change many settings by selecting “Desktop Settings” from the left-side menu.

Here, you can change many settings like:


Window style:

Title Bar:

User Interface:

What’s New:


Icon Set:

You can change your desktop view to any of the following modes by clicking the corresponding options from the left-side menu:

“Browse folder” mode:

“Browse for folder” mode:

“Browse for file” mode:

You can find other configuration settings from the right-side menu. You can customize settings such as:

Theme Color:


Animation Speed:


More Windows 7 Themes:

What’s New:

You can always change your theme settings anytime to get the best one for your computer.

i have a dual boot Windows 7 / Vista setup with Vista as primary and Vista as primary with this theme installed. This theme will only work for primary OS. If I install vista after installing the theme it does not work. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

As one of the greatest designers out there, it’s no surprise that he’s creating a �

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A desktop that expresses the beauty of nature.
Forest Vercors is a small, but beautiful desktop environment designed especially for those who love nature.
+ You can drag and drop any items or folders from the Windows explorer to your desktop.
+ With the visual file list feature, you can easily browse your files from your desktop.
+ You can have as many desktop icons as you like.
+ You can use the built-in “Start Menu” and “Desktop” if you prefer.
+ You can use the default Windows animations or enjoy the beauty of the forest in full HD.
+ Quicklaunch bar (ex. “Skype” and “Internet Explorer”) available.
+ You can have an easy control panel for multiple mouse actions.
+ You can use “My Computer” or “Pictures” to access your files easily.
+ You can have a quick access icon bar at the bottom.
You can enjoy the small size, the beautiful design, and the ease-of-use of Forest Vercors.
1) Folder Icon (you can move or copy the folder icon to your desktop)
2) Folders on Desktop (you can organize your files or folders on your desktop)
3) Desktop Search (you can search your files or folders on your desktop)
4) Font Look (you can change the font of the whole desktop)
5) Desktop Cursor (you can choose to show the pointer or to show the image of the object you are clicking)
6) “Start Menu” (you can have the start menu on your desktop. If you want it, you can drag and drop your favorite programs to it, and then select which one you want to run)
7) Internet Explorer (You can replace the IE button on your taskbar with your favorite web browser, such as Google Chrome)
8) Pictures Folder (You can move or copy your pictures to the folder and then put it to the desktop)
9) Screen Lock (You can lock your screen with a password)
10) Windows Animated Icons (You can have a better visual experience with the default Windows animations or enjoy the beauty of nature in full HD. You can also change the transition between windows)
11) Screen Saver (You can choose to use a screen saver or to run a program when your screen is locked)
12) Shutdown (You can have a shutdown icon on your desktop so that

What’s New in the?

After more than 3 years of work, I’m proud to release Vercors Forest, my theme, to a public preview.

Vercors Forest is a theme that inspired by the beautiful scenery of my home country (France). I often find myself walking through forests, lakes, and hills of my home country, so Vercors Forest tries to reflect the beauty and tranquility of these landscapes. I also added a little theme tweaking for a fresher desktop.

There are 4 new icons, a new Power plan, a task bar control applet, and more…

Vercors Forest main theme features:

– 2 different look : a darker look (Xmas theme) and a lighter look.

– New and updated Windows icons.

– A new color scheme (DarkGrey+Black) and a 3 new color scheme (White Grey Black Grey), as well as a few minor changes in the colors.

– Numerous configuration settings.

– Also, a fully functional and working task manager! It has a few enhancements on standard tasks.

– Mp3, Rss, and P2P players have been integrated.

– An included Snipping Tool.

– Of course, a search tool.

– A battery meter.

– A configuration manager (you can define custom colors and icons for your theme).

– Lots of text replacements (be sure to have a look at the settings window)

– A configuration manager for keyboard shortcuts.

– In previous versions, there were some noticeable bugs when exiting from the desktop with the task manager. This has been fixed.

– 4 new desktop shortcut icons.

– A task manager applet that displays the most used applications, as well as the battery status.

– A couple of performance enhancements.

– Some tweaks to the Power plan.

More info about this theme:






Vercors Forest Comments:



(Vercors Forest) V1.1.1

Fix a bug with exiting from desktop when there was a running application.

(Vercors Forest) V1.1

New icons (they have been updated since the first release) and theme colors.

(Vercors Forest) V1.0

The first release of Vercors Forest.

How to install Vercors Forest:


1. Download the Vercors Forest zip file from the web.

2. Open the

System Requirements:

For Steam PC and Mac, your hardware needs to meet minimum system requirements:
OS: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer, or 64-bit Windows 7 or newer
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz or higher, or AMD Phenom X2 550 or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GT 640 or ATI Radeon HD 5850 or higher
Storage: 1 GB available space
For those playing on the Nintendo Switch, your hardware needs to meet the following minimum system requirements:
System: Nintendo

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