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WebHat Photo Fun features 12 (11 filters, 1 normal) built-in effects that can be applied to photos. You will simply need to specify the video driver, the output folder and the backgound color.
Application has two sets of image effects that can be applied when taking a picture. The first set may be described to contain photographic filters similar to those in Adobe Photoshop:
■ Sepia
■ Gray Scale
■ Night Vision
■ Posterize
■ X-Ray
The second set is a collection of effects that manipulate the shape of the image, rather than filtering it:
■ Vertical Mirror
■ Horizontal Mirror
■ Fish eye
■ Squeeze
■ Eight
■ Hour Glass







WebHat Photo Fun For Windows

The most popular and powerful image effects:
■ Adjusting the levels of your photographs.
■ Night vision.
■ Grain and noise reduction.
■ Posterize for fading into the background.
■ Dose, defocus, sharpening.
■ Many other image effects.
Features a flexible playback interface.
■ Use the pull down menu to select a video driver.
■ Specify the output folder.
■ Specify the background color and you are good to go!

When you start the application, it will display the menu.
You can use the menu to choose one of the image effects you want.
If you would like to start from an existing photo, simply choose the “Open” option.
The Photo Editor will automatically detect the video file.
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WebHat Photo Fun Crack + Download

WebHat Photo Fun is one of those programs that can be useful to everyone. Now you can apply cool effects to your favorite images with minimal efforts. The website offers you a considerable choice of filters, images and other effects, with which you can change the shape of the photos and make them look totally different.
Key features:
■ Filter, Colorization and Photo Retouching
■ Special effects: night vision, fish eye, hour glass
■ Multiple effects settings
■ Multiple options for Windows and Mac users
■ Easily install
■ Compatible with IE, Safari, Firefox
■ Support for JPEG, TIFF, GIF and BMP files
■ How to install and run:
■ For Windows (All versions):
1. Run the downloaded file.
2. Sign in to the site with your Microsoft account.
3. Choose the desired photo.
4. Click on the “Set the effect” button.
5. Select the effects from the available list and apply.
6. Preview the effect on the computer.
7. Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Tumblr.
■ For Mac users:
1. Launch Finder.
2. Select the image you want to use.
3. Open the photo.
4. Go to WebHat Photo Fun in the Internet section.
5. Select the desired effect.
6. The next time you open the image, it will be changed.
Installation of WebHat Photo Fun:
Visit website and install the latest version.
Installation using the installer:
Download the program and run the installer.
Sample pictures:
■ Slice of life
■ Pillow cover
■ Heartbreaking story
■ Funky photo
■ Self portrait
■ Light and shadow
■ Nude photo
■ One night of love
■ Halloween party
■ Night shot
1. Set the output folder of the program.
2. Select one or more files from the folder.
3. Select the desired effect from the available list.
4. Click on “Apply”.
Installation in an online gallery:
1. Go to
2. Copy the link to the files you want to use.
3. Open

WebHat Photo Fun With Registration Code Free

GRAY_SCALE + R/G = Gray Scale
NIGHT_VISION + R/G = Night Vision
POSTERIZE + R/G = Posterize
NIGHT_VISION + R/G = Night Vision
FISH_EYE + R/G = Fish eye
HOUR_GLASS + R/G = Hour Glass
■ Unsharp Mask
Applications can be changed into any of these effects by pressing key combo “O” (triggered by clicking on button “ON” on the main application window).
You can also convert the current effect into its opposite via “0” key combo (triggered by clicking on button “OFF” on the main application window).
Currently available set of effects can be changed via key combo “A” (triggered by clicking on button “FX” on the main application window).Iron oxidation and reduction by the nanosized iron phosphonate hydrous oxide Mn11(PO4)1(OH)8.
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What’s New In WebHat Photo Fun?

WebHat Photo Fun is a free photo filter with over 100 effects that you can apply to your pictures. All filters are a click away from you, even the ones that require 3D effects which need the graphics card to be supported. We decided to offer the best of two worlds by keeping the simple WebHat Photo Fun interface that people use to take their pictures.

WebHat Photo Fun Features:
■ 12 built-in image filters.
■ Allows you to apply only one filter to your picture at a time.
■ Image Filters: Sepia, Gray Scale, Night Vision, Posterize, X-Ray, Fish eye, Squeeze, Eight, Hour Glass, Vertical Mirror, Horizontal Mirror, and Water color.
■ Allows you to select the picture effect you want to apply from a list.
■ Built-in backgound color picker that allows you to select a color to replace the original background.
■ Supports the creation of new folders for storing your pictures.
■ Allows you to control the time interval at which the filters are applied.
■ Offers a built-in batch mode.
■ Supports all sorts of output folders.
■ Batch mode allows you to apply a lot of filters to a whole folder at the same time.
■ Can also create batch backups of your photos.
■ Supports all sorts of video drivers.
■ All the filters are supported by Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.
■ Supports all sorts of video drivers.
■ Works on all media devices such as digital cameras, scanners and even photo printers.

WebHat Photo Fun Demo Screenshot:

WebHat Photo Fun Requirements:
■ CPU: 1GHz.
■ RAM: 1GB is enough, but if you need more you can always increase the RAM.
■ Video Memory: 1GB is enough, but if you need more you can always increase the video memory.
■ Graphics Memory: 256MB is enough, but if you need more you can always increase the graphics memory.

About WebHat Photo Fun:
WebHat Photo Fun is the first Windows photo filter that allows you to apply a number of creative effects to your pictures. Available as a free download, it will allow you to take the look of your pictures to a whole new level.Q:

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System Requirements For WebHat Photo Fun:

Supported OS:
Windows 7, 8, 10
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Hardware Requirements:
Requires a 64-bit processor and 2 GB or RAM
Requires a 2.3 Ghz Dual Core processor
Requires a Quad Core processor
Requires a 3 Ghz Quad Core processor


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