Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution Online FIXED! Update 💾


Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution Online FIXED! Update

konami hope that this time they really ironed out all the bugs that plagued pro evolution soccer 4: evolution in europe. please don’t let this be another case of konami releasing half-baked versions of their games in europe.

“europe, we’ve heard that you love playing online,” said an anonymous source at konami. “now, at last, we are bringing our first overseas edition of winning eleven 8, live-ware evolution. this award-winning soccer simulation puts you right into the heart of the action as you earn fans and climb the ladder of winning. if you’re good enough to be named national champion, you’ll go head to head in a real-time championship tournament. now pro evolution soccer is truly asia and europe’s number one football simulation. now more than ever, konami is proud to be the number one developer of football simulations in both regions.”

it is understood that liveware evolution is a feature that will be included in all future editions of pro evolution soccer in europe. no word yet on when we8 will be released here. check with us in due course when a european release date is announced.

konami hope that they have learned from the xbox live fiasco and are going to make sure that the online community gets every possible feature they could want for winning eleven. we’ll see how all this ends. we are waiting for update.

however, it seems that the editors at konami have a clear vision of what they want out of a pes game. if, and it is a big if at this point, the rest of the package lives up to the same quality as the actual offline game then they have a winner on their hands. winning eleven 9 liveware evolution online fixed! update is due out in japan on the 28th of february, coming to europe in the second week of march, and is priced at £35.99 (roughly $57) to play in japan. let’s hope this means we see a western version too, and i can finally get my money’s worth and not be forced to play matches online when i can play a fresh, clean offline version instead.

the version 1.0.6 update is now available for your download. this new update corrects the road to glory bug in a 1.2 update. downloading the update now will correct the road to glory bug and properly give players a road to glory. this bug was introduced when konami completely redesigned the road to glory mode in 2008.
when pes/we came to ps2, those fans hoping for an online-enabled ps2 release were dealt the rather disappointing news that pes/we’s online option would not be included, and that it would not be coming to ps2 until either spring/summer of 2002. so now, with the ps2 version’s online functionality having been confirmed, it is interesting to see how konami is going to make the most of the ps2’s connectivity.
with pes/we having come to the pc and xbox already, perhaps it is a result of the high profile series of latest japanese transfers of computer versions to japanese audiences, perhaps konami feels that making the ps2 version online-enabled will lend more credibility to pes/we and pes/mx on the console, so it might have to come.
but the reality is that konami is looking to simply produce an online-enabled version of its series on the ps2 rather than encourage pes/we to be a truly global platform – perhaps this will be soon rectified.
in the absence of these fan-service additions, the overall news is rather bland, with details that very few fans would pay any attention to unless they were heavily invested in the series or a keen pes/we fan.
of course, we would expect the release of a national version to feature a number of improvements compared with the pes/we boxed version, including all the enhancements listed above. this is in addition to the usual bunch of updated player and formation data, tweaked gameplay and improved animation.

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