WWF Raw Is War SmackDown Complete Year 2000 AVI 7370G

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WWF Raw Is War SmackDown Complete Year 2000 AVI 7370G

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with the retirement of hugh morrus, matt striker took over as the new announcer for monday night raw and smackdown live. to celebrate his new position, he took to social media to announce a new weekly segment, wednesday night striker. the segment will debut with the next episode of raw on the october 25th edition. with the change in announcers, the raw and smackdown brand teams were swapped as well as all previous guest hosts being removed. wwe will now feature the brand teams on the show as well as the announcers. the teams now match-up as follows.
the story of the wwe is told best by wwe chairman vince mcmahon. in a taped interview on the october 24th edition of smackdown live, mcmahon shared his past moments, from creating professional wrestling to his early career in wwe. he also discussed his recent wwe hall of fame induction, his feelings on the wwe network, and revealed that he has plans to return to the ring when he feels it is right for him.
raw was broadcast on the usa network, while smackdown was on the syfy. the shows aired on the same night and were simulcast on the two channels. the main event of the show featured brock lesnar defending the wwe universal championship against goldberg. the match would go on to be a classic, with the two exchanging a series of finishers, until goldberg was able to get the win by submission. after the match, goldberg would have a close up of the universal championship title, which would flash across the screen. when the title would return, lesnar would be on the top of the ring and they would be engaged in a brawl. eventually, the universal title would flash across the screen to brock lesnar. he would then hold the universal title over goldberg’s head. the match was.. wwe raw smackdown 1322×1159 1920×1080 1920×1080. wwe raw smackdown raw complete year 2000 avi 7370g. wwe raw smackdown raw complete year 2000 avi 7370g final. last month wwe raw smackdown raw complete year 2000 avi 7370g. wwf raw is war smackdown complete year 2000 avi 7370g while wwe has a reputation for signing some of the world’s best wrestling talent, it has also gainednotoriety for misusing and, eventually, releasing said talent.


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