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* Easily read the games, files, room, comment or even player name.
* See the board while it is being played.
* View the opening moves and the game end variations.
* Move new games and play old games
* Add annotations to a game and see them right after a new game is played
* Sort the games by a player, by a category or by the beginning of the game.
* Preview a game and replay a game (only for two players or other players)
* Get the file, room or comment of a game.
* View all the games in a room.
* Create and edit games.
* Start multiple games at once.
* Play all your games on the server side.
* Start a “Play to Win” game (with XfccServer support).
* Update the side-board with the “New Game” button.
* Use the current server when a game is started.
* Split the board into two halves.
* Play in automatic or manual mode (auto, 14 or 19 moves).
* Use the eightfold.
* The server is able to handle a load of games without problems.
* Add your username, name, email or nickname to the games list.
* Always have the board ready to play on the left side of the game list.
* Play the games in alphabetical order or in a random order.
* All games are sorted in the history list with time stamps.
* Displays the game directory with the different board positions.
* The games list can be sorted by number of moves or by time.
* Preview a game and add the game to your “Play to Win” list.
* Select a game from the “Play to Win” list and replay it.
* Create and edit games with 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 moves (for two players).
* Keep the games list ready to play.
* Play a game from the history list.
* Use the board to find the move being played.
* Share your XECTool preferences on the XECTool website.
* Use the “Index – Select” button to search the games list.
* You can limit the games list to be displayed to just one player.
* You can select a row from the games list to select the game.
* You can always play the game selected.
* Press F2 to take a short break.

XECTool Keygen Full Version Free Download PC/Windows

A key macros are key stroke sequences, usually made up of key combinations and/or keyboard modifiers. They allow you to quickly access a chess variant, opening, feature, or setting. To find the key macros, find the key that opens the item and look for the macros below it.
/ctb (for Nimzowitsch’s Opening)
/fhb (for Fritz)
/nbh (for Napoleon)
/eosm (for Endgame Studies)
/bph (for Benko Pragmatic)
/kbh (for Korchnoi’s Basic)

KOMOZ (some of the cheats in this program are disabled)

/random (Random for all 50 moves)
/calc (half play with new game, use /calc mode to save and continue)
/revs/0 (Show Reversed Versions)
/revs/1 (Show Reversed Versions)
/revs/0 (Show Reversed Versions)
/revs/1 (Show Reversed Versions)
/revs/0 (Show Reversed Versions)
/revs/1 (Show Reversed Versions)
/revs/0 (Show Reversed Versions)
/revs/1 (Show Reversed Versions)
/revs/0 (Show Reversed Versions)

XECTool Free

Xectool is a chess client program designed to be used with XfccBasic Web Services. The program offers a few features that are very useful when you are practicing chess online, such as:
Automatic analysis of your games and save results into your personal database
Automatic analysis of games played by your opponent
Automatic analysis of any game chosen from your personal database
Automaticaly save games into your personal database
Two Chessboards which allows you to start playing a game with your computer partner
Push checkers to improve your memory and make sure that you don’t forget the moves you just played
Interactive games via XfccBasic Web Services using the Chess or Checkers Game tables, or the Clock Game table
Allows you to train your memory
You can also play and use a variety of free chess variants
Some features:
There are 6 features in this program:
History of games played
List of players you are playing against
Player statistics
Records of games played
Game statistics
Schedule and Time control
There are 2 options to play:
You can click “Help” to view some video tutorials.
At the top of the window you can see the status of your program:
Waiting for user inputs
Waiting for Net for answer from server
If you click on “Save to database”, the database will be automatically saved into the database file.

More informations

External links
Xectool – A chess client for Windows.

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Advantage of using

What’s New In XECTool?

XfccBasic is a Web Service protocol that allows you to control the chess server with a web browser. Use XfccBasic to manage all aspects of your games. Search, move, contact, save, offer draws, make game series, make games public, etc.


GNU GPL 3.0 License


. Provide a list of known chess servers.
. Games can be saved on the server.
. Games can be imported.
. Automated contest start
. Improved User Interface.

Additions in XfccBasic v1.3 (28-07-2013):
. Add Preferences Dialog.
. Support for search and move lists.
. Improved menu support for help, settings, and license.

Additions in XfccBasic v1.2 (29-10-2012):
. Upload PGN files by drag-and-drop.
. Add search, move, and contact lists.
. Improved performance.
. A menubar has been added to display help, settings, and the license.
. All settings are now saved, even in Windows.
. Shortcuts are now disabled to prevent accidental opening.
. The program no longer crashes when opening the first PGN file.
. Download a new license via the new License Dialog.
. A new icon has been added.

Additions in XfccBasic v1.1 (11-06-2011):
. New game history screen.
. Moves can be deleted.
. Performance improvements.
. Support for custom icons.
. Improved help.
. A new setting.
. A new feature.
. A new setting.
. A new feature.
. A new setting.
. A new feature.
. A new setting.
. New Inclusion Editor.

Additions in XfccBasic v1.0 (24-05-2010):
. The original announcement.
. An introduction to XfccBasic and chess servers.
. A list of known chess servers.
. The XfccBasic Web Service.

How to compile XfccBasic:

If your version of XfccBasic is installed in the XfccBasic folder, you can compile it simply by typing the following command at a command line prompt:

/XfccBasic v1.0.0/xfc\basic\Build.bat

If you are not sure about where your version of XfccBasic is installed, you can find the installation path by opening the Start Menu. Select XfccBasic from the list of programs. Click the “Help” button.

If you are using Windows Vista, you can use the



System Requirements For XECTool:

Windows 8.1, Windows 10
OS: Windows 8/8.1/10
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/AMD R9 290/AMD R9 380X/Nvidia GTX 1060 or higher
CPU: Intel Core i5-6600/AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or higher
Memory: 8 GB RAM or higher
Storage: 3 GB available space or higher
Gamepad: Xbox 360 Controller
DirectX: Version 11
Netflix Recommended
1080p or


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